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Artificial Intelligence and Science Fiction Assignment


The novel focuses on the conflict between human and robot in many aspects, based on the interviewed with Dr. Calvin, chief robopsychologist of U.S. Robots and Mechanical Men, Inc. It is a framing sequence featuring Dr. Calvin’s life’s work. The book was sequentially published during 1940 and 1950, while the stories are depicted from the birth of Dr. Calvin, 1982, to her death, 2065. Other characters appear in these fiction stories are Powell and Donovan, a field-testing team which finds flaws in USRMM’s prototype models.Review It is quite a shock for me after I went through the whole book, since the reason why I chose I, Robot is because the movie we watched in the lecture inspired me to read the original story.

Actually, there are a lot of differences between the movie I, Robot (2004) and the novel it is based on. For example the movie focuses mainly on the conflict initiated from a police and a special type of robot, NS-5, while the novel describes in detail the different stages of development of human society together with the increasing need of robots in our daily lives. But I would say it is somehow a great comparison for both audiences of the movie and readers of the book because the movie itself had to have some modification on the script for commercial purposes, so it is inappropriate to make a conclusion whether the movie was stuck to the novel written by Isaac Asimov or not. Fun fact is, some predictions from the novel are actually happening in our current era, while some are incorrect. It’s no wonder that the author, a professor of biochemistry, was praised as “a national wonder and a natural resource”” [1] for his explanation in this technological age