English 1A Essay

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Garmai ShillonAdrienne Oliver English 1A Final Draft10/5/18 Couline Umeugoji Migration Story The great migration gives us a clear picture about how the world was shifted from the days of our forefather until now, wherein human had hope to have a better life. Nobody wants to live an unfulfilled life, so everyone is seeking for opportunity. The great migration tells us a story about people who left their original homeland to found opportunity in another land. However, many of them began successful, wherein some had the opportunity to follow their dreams. As the world has become transitional, so people can migrate. Couline Umeugoji is an international student who migrates from Nigeria. Couline was born and raised in Nigeria. When Couline was in Nigeria, she had a dream to further her education in America, wherein having the opportunity to major in Nursing. When Couline was in high school until she entered college, she has always dreamed of becoming a nurse, but due to poor education system in Nigeria cased her to do film studies. Couline had been seeking for opportunity, wherein getting a scholarship to study abroad. Couline said “when she was in high school, she was one of those students who kept up with a good grade point, so she was given scholarship to further her studies in America. Few months after, Couline made a plain to come to America. When she got her visa and plane ticket, and the day before her departure, she said goodbye to her siblings. She said her siblings were happy for given the opportunity to study aboard. She picked up her overnight bag she carried with few clothes to Nigeria international airport. Couline Umeugoji migrated in the U.S November 2017. Couline came by flight from Nigeria, she first landed in Dubai. When she arrived in Dubai, she stayed few minutes and picked up for United States. She spends 14 to 15 hours in the plane before she landed in New York. When she got to New York, everything was different. She could imagine how tall the buildings, clean streets and long bridges. She said, “I felt happy, and I noticed somethings that were different from Nigeria, people seem to be lovely, and I felt cold.” When Couline got to New York, she went to Florida, wherein she stayed two weeks. Meanwhile, she went to Full Sail University to live on the dorms, but she didn’t like it in Florida. Because of the snow. Although Couline made her way to Florida, she had lot of challenges alone the way. She was alone, no family or friend were in Florida to accommodate her, moreover she didn’t like the food. After staying Florida for two weeks, she decided to move to California. However, her elder sister lives in California, so she wanted to come closer to her. In early October 2018, Couline board on a plane to California. When she got to California, thing was little different. She felt that it is much warmer in California than Florina. She said, “I like it better in California than Florina, and I hope to live in California forever.” Few months after, Couline began to search for a community college that she would apply to and continue her dream. Later her sister told her about Laney. Her Now Couline is student at Laney with a major in nursing. She said living the American dream has not been easy, but consistency, hard work had kept her going, and that one day she will achieve her dream.” Couline is working hard to make her parents proud. She told me that her mother has always advised her to focus on studies. Perhaps, her family advice has kept her feet to the fire survive, so she started asking friends and family about how to get a job. Couline says she “want to live the American dreams wherein having her own place and freedom to be who she wants to be”. As of now Couline works part-time at Amazon and is a full-time student at Laney college. She and her elder sister live together and share rents. The great migration has been a way of life from the day of creation and up to now. Couline now has a life, and economic structure. Nigeria’s education system couldn’t offer Couline opportunity to follow her dream, but she has the opportunity in her new homeland. Anybody could have the same opportunity as Couline. However, our forefathers left their homeland to seek freedom, wherein they wanted a place that they would be free to live and exercise their God’s given gifts and talents, as it is in the case of Couline. Works CitedUmeugoji, Couline. Personal interview. By Garmai Shillon, 19 September.2018.