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centertopESSAY writing ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: how the three characters are used to represent the themes in the novel. PETERSON D.T 30800706ENL 11176500ESSAY writing ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: how the three characters are used to represent the themes in the novel. PETERSON D.T 30800706ENL 1112200017094203000030175207060056600centerbottom 765000 INTRODUCTION.A novel ‘The cry of Winnie Mandela’ by Njabulo S. Ndebele (2003) focuses on four women at a particular amount within the history of southern continent who spent time waiting for their husbands to return, and the challenges they faced during their waiting period.Mannete Mafolo represent a theme of marriage. She was married to a man called Lejone and they had five children. Lejone went to Gauteng to work at the mines, at first he used to send them money then he initially stopped sending them and he visited them every after nine months but that also changed. When he was still at the mines his family’s memory began to fade.Lejone started things he didn’t do back home like drinking together with his friends. He was a modified person even his language changed. After two years Mannete began to panic thinking that perhaps he’s dead or black and blue and desires her facilitate .She didn’t grasp that her husband married another woman, according to (Ndebele,2003,P18) ‘Lejone settles in Benoni, eThwathwa with a woman from Sekhukhune in the north. Mannete was a fond and caring partner, she went to Gauteng to look for her husband even though she didn’t apprehend that mine he worked at. Mannete looked for him at the hospitals and mortuaries hoping she is going to notice him there however he was obscurity to be found. She went back as a result of she left the children with her mother in law and she didn’t apprehend if she’s treating them well. She finally saw she was alone and she had been alone right along. She told herself she is going to be sturdy and raise her children. Mannete never thought her husband will disappear like void. According to (Ndebele, 2003, P21) ‘Time and distance blur into oblivion’.Delisiwe Skhosana represent a theme of betrayal as a result of she had a baby with another man and she was married. Delisiwe’s husband obtained a scholarship to travel overseas to review to become a doctor. He left his family while he tried by all means to bring them with him. Delisiwe was a domestic science teacher and she had skills to form extra cash by line of work at weddings and parties. She wanted to make sure that her husband Deniel becomes the first black medical doctor in their administrative district, she borrowed money and even sold the furniture to assist Deniel pay for his fees. The small East Rand territorial division made its initial black medical doctor and it was absolutely not her husband. The years went along and still nothing, within the eighth year the territorial division made two of doctors and one of them was a lady. On the twelfth year her husband managed to complete his studies and came home.When he got home he found a four year child. Delisiwe couldn’t wait that long for her husband, she became friends with a bourgeois referred to as Themba he had a family, according to (Ndebele, 2003, p25) ‘it all began when he became one of her creditors. Themba and Delisiwe became friends to cover their secrete, although their families had lunches along. Someday once she came from town she located the house lonely and quite as a result of her kids were visiting. She then began to think about Themba because he was continually there once she required him, he even offered to drive her around if she wished to, all Delisiwe had to do was to ask him. Delisiwe’s child people didn’t know who the father was, she named him Sibonisi. Once Deniel came home he revealed that Delisiwe had betrayed him, she had a child with another man. He divorces her and marry a nurse, they moved from the township and they went to Soweto.Mamello Molete represent a theme of patience like her name. She was the only child after her mother had three miscarriages. Mamello and Reginald grew together, however as they grew older, Reginald became the popular sort and he ran around with alternatives ladies. Mamello was looking ahead to Reginald to return to his senses and come back to her, she was terribly patient with him. Reginald came back to her and they got married when graduating at the University of the North. After five years of living together, Mamello got home and commenced preparation for her husband however her husband didn’t show up.Mamello began to panic biting her nails curious where her husband was as a result of he sometimes comes home at seven o’clock once he’s late. She began to ask friends and relatives asking if they knew wherever he was. They didn’t recognize wherever he was, that’s were Mamello set to travel and look for him. She visited hospitals, mortuaries and station house to look for him. She waited hoping he is going to come to her.After twelve years she received a post card with a Cuban stamp, it absolutely was from her husband, he was telling her that he had fled into exile and he’s currently referred to as by his new name Gijima Mthembu not Reginald Molete. Mamello was shocked asking herself questions on how he got there and did he set up it right along that he can leave her. She then scan on the newspaper that her husband was inactive and sentenced fifteen years at Robben Island. She visited Robben Island to go to him, once he got there, it was hard to create a good communication because they had no children to talk about. Molete asked often about his parents.He was discharged earlier from jail and Mamello didn’t know because she was busy preparing for his home coming trying to make him be comfortable, but Reginald didn’t come home again. Mamello went to prison and they told her he was released, he started asking around but people said they didn’t know him. As she went home she received a letter from him telling her that he won’t be able to come home she must move on stop looking for him.He filed for divorce and married a white woman and started a family with her, Mamello didn’t want to move on she still called Molete her husband even after he divorced her. According to (Ndebele, 2003, p33) ‘women are prisoners of the dream of romance’.Mannete started thinking her mother’s situation made her not to be able to have children, she then though that’s why her husband left her. One day when she was watching TV she saw her husband talking about race not being an issue for them. She then wrote him a letter telling him she saw him on TV with his new family and that she misses him after seeing him on TV. Molete responded to her letter but in a bad way, she told her to forget about her at all and stop calling him her husband because he has a new family. Mamello had some breakdown but she didn’t give up on his husband because she hoped that he would come back to her.CONCLUSIONNdebele introduces the stories of Penelope’s descendants, four South African and one from Lesotho. Women united nation’s agency were beneath totally different circumstance, separated from their husbands for great length of time, and waited for their return, like Penelope for Odysseus. One husband went to the mines and eventually settled down there, beginning a replacement family. Another got a scholarship to study medicine abroad, another was politically active and disappeared initial in exile. The ladies shared their stories and thoughts each addressing them to mother of the nation Winnie Mandela. Besides their four testimonies, Winnie conjointly involves a voice responding to what they assert along with her own testimony.REFERENCESNdebele, S.N. 2003. The cry of Winnie Mandela.https://www.prepostseo.com