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“What are you doing, stupid? You cannot do anything ” the mother scolded her child; He does not even know what he has sinned in. He is just a child who behaves spontaneously with his nature.” I have not sinned in anything, God, why did she scream at me like this?” the child pleaded “I really hate her, she did not even hear me, she did not explain to me what wrong I had done”. This scene is repeated daily around the world, it destroys the happiness of every child and the dreams of every teenager and progresses every society. Up to 1 billion children and teenagers aged 2-17 years have endured physical, or emotional violence. The child begins to grow up among his family in a dazzle of their simple acts as Their ability to walk, He starts trying to walk and talk to be like them, now they are his role model, everything to him. He learns from them the basics of life and compares them with the new values ‚Äč‚Äčthat enter his life. So, raising children is a big responsibility and needs vigilance from the father and mother Parents are the source of love and protection to their sons, but the shock begins when parents begin to use threats and violence to raise their children, Parents may find it easier to control their children because the child responds in fear of threats, but he does not know he is destroying his child’s soul. The insulting beatings and reprimands introduce children into a tremendous emotional outburst Remains marked in the mind of the child and his heart and his memories, the father leaves a deep wound his child’s heart. Consequently ,The child grows up and he is no longer the child who is satisfied with his parents, who is afraid and Obedient, but became apathetic, he knows that these threats are all lies, those who he trusted, they are all liars, , he Begins to cower and flee from his family, loss of confidence in them and in any other person. A hesitant person unable to manage his life is created now. And here we have brought another hesitant person to life, He is always afraid to express his opinion and beliefs, His thoughts remain hidden inside him do not see the light.I thought of an idea and I am trying to achieve it over the coming years, I Start the first accessible step now and read books about upbringing to raise a natural child without any psychological problems, therefore, I will establish an institution as a nursery for orphans children and at the same time to be a training center for those who are next to marriage.Violence is a real problem and its solution is very necessary. The lack of control over your feelings and reactions in front of someone who is weaker than you is a crime that destroys the happiness of children and teenage dreams and the society Psychological health as a whole.