essay #3

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Although Nestle is one of the most well-known food and beverage companies in the world, their company is not environmentally safe, uses unethical practices, and greenwash. Nestle is a multinational food and drink corporation. The huge Company owns more than 2,000 brands! With being such a big company they get away with not being socially responsible which is known as (CSR) corporate social responsibility. CSR is when companies act in the best interest of the environment and society. Nestle is one of the companies that do not participate in CPR. Instead, Nestle greenwashes. Greenwashing is when Companies promote that they are socially and environmentally safe when they really are not. Nestle is only one of the many big companies that have been guilty of greenwashing. Nestle’s first unethical practice is mislabeling their products. Nestle has recently faced allegations that they have made millions of dollars by fraudulently labeling their Poland Spring Water. (Reyes) “Nine different states claimed that Nestle stole millions by selling tap water”. This isn’t the only trouble Nestle has gotten into. Last year they were faced with another lawsuit alleging it sold products labeled as having “no GMO ingredients”” when in reality it did. Nestle was sued over allegations of false labeling