Essay Ray Bradbury’s science fiction story “The Veldt” takes place at the Hadley’s

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Essay Ray Bradbury’s science fiction story “The Veldt” takes place at the Hadley’s “Happy-life home” and mainly in the nursery. The best theme for this story would be how technology can be fatal and what it will continue doing until something is done to stop it. Long story short technology and its bad effects on families. The author uses many literary devices to express that too much technology can very easily destroy a family. In the story there are two kids and their parents who live in a “Happy-life home” that does their everyday tasks for them. The parents are soon going to realize that too much technology for their children, can lead to tragic events in the future. The author easily conveys that too much technology can destroy your family through the use of many different literary devices. There were many conflicts throughout the story that would help support my theme. In the story, Peter is into an argument with his father who wants to turn off the nursery and the entire happy-life home. It is a good example of conflict. Peter said, “I wish you were dead” (Page 262). This shows that peter held the technology more beloved to him more than his parents due to the use of too much technology. He also went as far as threatening his dad about it. Another piece of evidence is when the psychologist came to check the nursery and said this, “You’ve let this room and this house replace you and your wife in your child’s affections. This room is their mother and father, far more important in their lives than their real parents. And now you come along and want to shut it off. No wonder there is hatred here.” this just shows how Peter and Wendy have so much technology in their lives, that it is replacing their parents and creating conflicts between them. Since the kids have this type of technology, they don’t want their parents in their lives anymore.