Ever heard of William Shakespeare? Of course you have Shakespeare’s spectacular plays

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Ever heard of William Shakespeare? Of course, you have! Shakespeare’s spectacular plays have achieved the most controversial comments as well as the most alluring recognition. It has been the talk of many for centuries. But what makes it the most taught literature of history? Do the messages in the play have any impact on teenagers in modern society? Love is certainly the play’s dominant and most important theme. One of the main key messages that Shakespeare portrays is; ‘Love is more powerful than hatred’ – simple, yet a powerful message. Love is viewed as a positive thing, so there must be a reason why the play connects to people who have a good and bad side. Whilst reading Romeo & Juliet, the reader’s mind is constantly thinking and comprehending the use of language and identifying the message that Shakespeare is portraying. His style of writing is unique. It is beneficial for teenagers making their brains work harder to understand the message. The complexity of the play is certainly helpful and educational. Romeo is a romantic he loves using similes and metaphors to express his feelings. Romeo is in love with love. He is unable to control his emotions. Which is relatable to many teenagers nowadays. In the play Romeo and Juliet’s forbidden love begun when he was sixteen and she was thirteen. In Act 2, Scene 5, Romeo and Juliet secretly get married. “Then hie you hence to Friar Lawrence’ cell””