Every day there are some exciting discoveries are being made in health

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Every day there are some exciting discoveries are being made in health care system. Developing robotic technologies is one of the latest and biggest breakthroughs in medical care. According to (Kumar, 2019). “The word robot derived from the word Robot which means compulsory Labor. Robot is a machine in the form of a human being that performs the mechanical functions of a human being but lacks sensitivity.” Using robotic’s technology is beneficial and tempting while there are still worries for machines replacing people in the workforce. Robotic can be used for surgical and for non-surgical purposes. Non-surgical robotics serve many functions in health care setting. It is being functioned as food service, infection control, medication distribution, diagnosing patient, distributing supplies, medications, linens, and trash throughout a hospital. These machines don’t need food and sleep, and have no biases compared to human, this will change how we treat our patient who is very sick and needy at times. Robotics continue to develop rapidly in medical field. The main purpose of bringing surgical robotic in medical field is for better sense of accuracy in surgical procedures which was impossible with human hand before. These robotic machines possess 3-D visualization impossible for human to have that kind of vision. Robotic provides precise incision and minimizing recovery time with improving quality of patient care. da Vinci HD robotic is one of the example which have thousands of extraordinary successful stories. Patient experienced less pain after surgeries, lesser recovery time, minor blood loss, less transfusion, fewer complications and faster time to go back to their daily routine. This innovation has ability to inject simple iodine to patients, while surgeon can visualize the difference between tissue and blood flow during the surgery with very high-quality fluorescent imaging. It’s not only high definition, but it has high definition plus ability. Procedure that is routinely done da Vinci is general surgery, gynecology, thoracic and urology surgery. This robotic is controlled by a highly trained surgeon. Every aspect of the move is controlled by surgeon. It simply replicates surgeon’s hand movement. Usually, surgeon is seating few feet away from the patient or surgical field with console. Surgeon mainly see a 3D, high -definition screen and see the actual surgical sites. There will be only three or four small surgical openings through which three or four mechanicals arm are inserted.”My”” experience with robotic surgery with da Vinci started when I was nursing student. We had six weeks surgery rotation where I had a chance to see how robotic surgery was done. In one of the cases I was able to assist the scrub nurse to set the da Vinci for hysterectomy. It was a very exciting experience to see robotic surgery for the first time. During that rotation I have seen and learned a lot about robotic surgery. Firstly