Every educational setting will have a qualified nurse first aider When a

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Every educational setting will have a qualified nurse/ first aider. When a child is is ill, the initial steps I would follow are as follows:

• I will monitor and rule out reasons.

• The parent or care giver will be informed immediately if required.

• I will inform and get help from the concerned first aider of the school/nursery.

• Any medication or steps taken to treat the injury, even a small one will be informed to/taken consent from the parents.

• Will keep record of which medications are given, dosage, any other relevant information or inform the concerned person to do so.

• And also make sure myself or one of the staffs is with the child till the parents arrive.

• If unable to connect parents, other emergency contacts will be contacted.

• Senior staff will be informed.

During situations like when a child falls down when playing which causes a minor injury, I believe an immediate first aid can be given after checking the child’s records regarding any allergic reaction towards any medication. And all the above steps will be followed including record keeping.

In case of accidents:

• I will address the child and inform the first aider.

• In emergency cases where child has to be taken to hospital immediately, parents will be contacted

• Call ambulance

• If parents cannot arrive before ambulance, a staff, myself or others will accompany the child

• The accident record book will be filled at the earliest.

• In cases where hospital visit is not required, parents will be informed

• I will be with the child till parents arrive and will be sent home

In situations like when a child suddenly falls ill, or has a temperature, any emergency medication will be given by the qualified healthcare professional in the setting after informing the parents.All information regarding the child’s temperature reading, any other symptoms will be recorded and provided to parents and higher authority.Keeping a log of incidents happened and actions taken are very important as an inquiry may arise in future regarding the incident. It is important for the nursery or school to be able to produce the required information at the time of inquiry. So every minute detail regarding the incident must be recorded and kept safe for future reference.