Everyday new issues come up and one of the biggest issues we

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Everyday new issues come up and one of the biggest issues we face is trying to be equal. Not only because of race but because of everything that comes with life. Some of the biggest inequality is in the workforce, Health care, and social class. This is why there are so many ongoing issues that we cannot find a solution too. This is a problem because society could be doing so much better if they help out each other. But also it’s a lot of work to put in to make change so that’s why they have to focus on what’s important. Although there has been improvement there hasn’t been enough. Healthcare care is efforts made to maintain or restore physical, mental, or emotional well-being especially by trained and licensed professionals —usually hyphenated when used attributively. This is in place so that all can be at their best health and not have to face health issues alone. Studies shows that 25% of low-income families have poor health compared to 14% of the most affluent families. High blood pressure affected 38.6% of the poorest fifth in the study compared to 29.9% of the richest fifth. Based off employment many well paid people don’t have to pay too much. Those people get lots of benefits. that help people with making sure their families are always safe and secure. This is not something that is always easy to get but it’s there so why not use it? Some don’t have this opportunity they work jobs that don’t offer good health insurance. America has a private health insurance As a result, those with corporate-sponsored plans have better access to health care than those who didn’t. The most affluent 1% of mean lived 15 years longer than the poorest 1%. That is indeed a fact and this is why you have to know what you are doing and how to take all the opportunities. When not used for its intended purpose — to treat ADHD — Adderall and other similar drugs can have devastating consequences. According to the recent studies by The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, between the years 2005 and 2011, abuse from Adderall caused emergency room visits to rise 156%. Education about the dangers of taking drugs under the false pretenses of being more productive is crucial to alleviating this kind of drug abuse on college campuses. Certain low income families lack the requirements and now they have to pay large amount of money for health insurance. Some don’t have the money to pay but they have to find it somewhere. Low-income neighborhoods may not have nearby access to the best hospitals, doctors’ offices, and medical technology. This is especially true in rural areas. There are many places that don’t get the health care they need and this is a problem. This is because they are under achievers and that they did not set goals they can accomplish. When you look in the healthcare system and you look at workers you see the doctors and nurses who will have the best healthcare for them and their families. Also the people who work at well-paid jobs and they have a good family and house. But you look at the family who are trying to make ends meet, you see that this is all a pawn and not everyone is treated fairly. The system is making improvements and this is benefiting the people and now they have the opportunity to have better healthcare. But not everyone gets this opportunity they just have to work hard and do whatever they can for their families. Some families had to make a lot of tough decisions about family matters.The “glass ceiling” has kept ladies away from specific positions and openings in the work environment. Ladies are stereotyped as low maintenance, lower grade workers with restricted open doors for preparing and headway due to this “discriminatory limitation”. This is one of the biggest issues we face in society. Men and women are not equal in the workforce. Some might say that women are coming up into the workforce but at what cost? Women are supposed to be treated fairly but yet they are degraded and thought that they are less than men, or that some jobs just aren’t meant for females. In the 1800’s women were not allowed to work. They were supposed to stay home and do housework, while the men went to work and support the family. Some women wanted the opportunity to learn to read, write, and had jobs like the men were doing. But after awhile of discrimination they were able to read, write, and have those jobs the man had. The Government Accountability Office (GAO), in a recent report shows that in 2010 women constituted 59 percent of the low-wage workforce. Less-educated women were more likely than less-educated men to work part-time—on average, 29 percent of women and 15 percent of men worked part-time in 2010. Also, according to the GAO report, single woman households had the lowest total annual income of all households, averaging about $27,000. Fifty-seven percent of household income (or about $15,000) came from their personal wage and salary earnings. The remaining $12,000 came from other sources, such as government benefits and other household members’ earnings. Without income from these other sources, the low-wage single mother households would be well below the poverty level of $22,314 (or $10.73 per hour, full-time) for a family of four (GAO 2011). In present day, women make up almost half of the workforce; in four out of ten families, women are equal, if not the main, breadwinners as compared to their male counterparts. While women typically receive more college and graduate degrees than men, yet on average, women continue to earn considerably less. This issue is the Achilles heal of the U.S. labor market, and one that few companies are willing to settle. No matter how hard women work they don’t get enough credit for their achievements. Many times women are put to do less or not seen as people who hold power. This is a big problem because women have to work twice as men to get seen as even somewhat equal. But this is not the biggest issue, women are doing the same work as men but they are making less than what males are making. They are always at a setback because a lot of big enterprises are family based. But because of all the issues that are going on they don’t see this as a big problem. But because it’s a family business, it’s more likely to be passed down to a male.women are much more likely than men to work in service occupations like personal care aides, home health aides, nursing assistants, and other roles that include a gentle touch. Although these occupations are on the rise as far as growth for the upcoming years, the median annual earnings for these jobs are less than $25,000 per year. In addition, women are less likely than men to work in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (“STEM”) occupations; jobs that are stereotypically more demanding, and meant to be fulfilled by men. According to the report, only 4.6% of women work in STEM occupations, compared to 10.3% of men. Women are placed in a box or in a certain area of work. They are placed in care because they were set to stay at home and take care of the kids while the males went out to work. So even though women started to work they did not receive the same treatment as men. They started to dominate the work force but not in every category. They are put back at a starting point because they did not set different goals and accomplish them. On average, American women are more educated than men. For decades, women have earned more bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, and doctorate degrees than men. Yet women in the U.S. workforce still earn less than their male counterparts. Social class is always a issues we face today in society. Based on why the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor. This is not always seen as a way to keep people in poverty. When you look into the poor communities you see how the black neighborhoods is at the bottom of the social class. “We conclude based on the preceding analysis that the black-white intergenerational gap in individual income is substantial for men, but quite small for women. It is important to note, however, that this finding does not imply that the black-white gap in women’s individual incomes will vanish with time. This is because black women continue to have substantially lower levels of household income than white women, both because they are less likely to be married and because black men earn less than white men. Similar to families living in poverty, many families in America’s struggling lower-middle class are not comfortably able to afford a sufficient diet. Food insecurity in households with children is widespread, existing in every state. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program serves a fundamental role in mitigating food insecurity and providing food assistance to both poor and struggling middle-class families. Compared to families living in poverty, families in the struggling lower-middle class are more likely to be headed by a married couple, to have a second adult worker, and to be headed by an individual with some college education. Those in the struggling lower-middle class still face many of the same challenges as those in poverty, however, including food insecurity and a reliance on government programs for income support. Some might argue that there has been a level of equality and also that there has been a lot of improvements. The reason they might say this is because women have become equal in a lot of cooperation as man. Also because of Obama care, there is a lot of more benefits for the people who don’t have good healthcare. Also Many black and middle class people are now having jobs that take them out of poverty and allow them to live the American Dream. This is a huge improvement because it is no longer a place where women and men can’t live equal. Also the social class is changing and everyone has the opportunity to do what they need to do to make it to the top. There is rappers, singers, entrepreneur that is young people and they are setting a future for themselves and they are creating legacies. There is a breakdown for the benefits you are receiving but a lot of low income families qualify. You may qualify for marketplace cost assistance based on income and family size each year if you make between 100% – 400% of the federal poverty level. For 2020 assistance you’ll use the 2019 poverty levels. Thus, if you make between $12,490 – $49,960 as an individual or $25,750 – $103,000 in 2020, you’ll qualify for cost assistance. Please note marketplace cost assistance can be taken in advance based on income projects, but is adjusted for actual income at tax time. This is a good thing because poor people did not have a lot of help