Everyone should have personal objectives in order to move forward My overall

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Everyone should have personal objectives in order to move forward. My overall goals are not different than any other student’s. The path I have chosen is in helping others in any way I can by becoming a nurse, this path will lead me to a comfortable life. I have contemplated one question: what do I want to accomplish to be a good nurse? I found that being a successful person is the key to life. It does not mean that I have to be smart; it just means that I have to work hard, be a good listener, and manage my time. All these will help me to be successful. I finished my bachelor’s degree in finance in Tunisia, and now I am here to start over with my new goal. The nursing program is not easy at all, but I keep in my mind that hard work is the most important thing that I have to do. Nurse has a variety of responsibilities in the health field, such as giving medications, helping patient, and interpreting information. A typical day for a nurse is filled with long hours of physical, mental, and emotional work. To do all these, I have to be academically honest in all aspects of my work and understand tasks carefully. I believe if I will be a hard worker; I will be a professional nurse who provides and coordinates patient care with patience and love. It is important for me to be a good listener. Nurses who focus on listening carefully are able to create trustworthy relationships. For this reason, I have to keep in mind that when I am a nurse, I will need to be fully present and hear not only what the person is saying but also what is not being said. I have to listen to the words and views expressed to help patient feels better. In addition, paying attention and focusing will let me understand any concept around me and will make me capable of doing well in my job. Time management can be a difficult skill to master. For this reason, I have to take it into serious consideration to balance my time between my family and my future job. I have to think about managing my time from now to know how I can maintain my traditional roles at home and my career work. Organizing my time by making a list can be helpful and useful. I had learned after maternity that if I want to stay sane, I have to stay organized. Setting goals is the most important thing that everybody can do it in their life. I cannot achieve my goal without making a plan. For instance, working hard lets me be a successful person, being a good listener helps me do my job well, and managing time helps me to be happy in life. However, a good person needs to overcome their weaknesses in order to achieve their goals.