Everything started with five young boys and one astounding accomplishment In

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Everything started with five young boys and one astounding accomplishment. In the year of 2010, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis Tomlinson auditioned in the show The X Factor as solo artists. The auditions went so well that the guys automatically stood out to the viewers. The emotions that were expressed in the singers’ voices touched people all over the world. Many musicians were inspired by the young men as well. The men were well-mannered and sang their hearts out during every performance, something that set them apart from many other competitors. This British/Irish group of musicians were later put together by judge Simon Cowell because he said that all of the boys were “too good to lose.” In fact, Simon liked the group so much that the band later signed to Cowell’s Syco Record Label. Although the soon-to-be boy band was a nervous wreck, they would soon realize that the only direction is up from here. This new boy band had just been assembled, therefore the guys did not know each other very well. Since the contestants were so unfamiliar with their previous competitors, Mr. Cowell decided that the boys should come together and get to know each other personally. To Simon’s surprise, the musicians actually had a lot of things in common. At first the conversations consisted of awkward small talk, but soon enough the young men acted as if they had known each other for years before the competition! Simon noticed the connection between the boys almost immediately. This connection sparked a very good feeling about Cowell’s decision to put these five contestants together. After getting to know each other, Simon decided that the time had come to begin practicing together as a group. Luckily, the hard work in the studio paid off tremendously. The young men were finally able to perform together for the first time as “One Direction,” enjoying every second of the spotlight. Some of the boys revealed that performing with a group was much different to them at first, but they also enjoyed having fun with their new friends on stage. One Direction expected things to be slightly different than before, but something that they did not expect was to get such a positive reaction from the crowd. Although the boy band was nervous to perform together for the first time, they ended up having an astounding performance. In the beginning, One Direction’s supporters mainly consisted of teenage girls who had innocent crushes on the members of the group. After the band finished singing, many people of all ages became interested in One Direction because of how . The guys had February 1, 1994 Harry Styles was born in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, in the West Midlands region of England. His mother and father sadly divorced when Harry was seven years old. Harry’s mother later remarried Robin Twist and the family stayed in the town of Holmes Chapel in Cheshire. Harry also has an older sister named Gemma who is four years older than he is. She was born on December 3, 1990 and is now twenty-eight years old, spending her days as a freelance journalist. Harry became involved with music at a very young age when he attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. He and three of his friends decided to start a band called White Eskimo and the group ended up winning a band competition at their school. Styles was the lead singer of the band and they would practice when Harry was not working. Styles spent most of his time working in a small bakery in the Holmes Chapel. While on stage during his X Factor audition, Harry sang the song “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder. Moving on into the later round of the show, Styles sang another song called “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” by the Oasis’ as well. During his journey, Harry explained to the judges that his “musical heroes” included The Beatles and Coldplay too. Although Styles got cut before the final round, that was not the last that anyone would see of him. Thankfully Simon Cowell gave him the once in a lifetime chance to be in a great group of guys who would do amazing things in the future. It has also been said that the name of the band “One Direction” was suggested my Harry himself! Another fierce competitor on the show was Liam Payne; born in Wolverhampton, England on August 29, 1993. Payne’s father Geoff, works for the aerospace manufacturing corporation Goodrich while his mother, Karen, has worked as a nurse and a receptionist for a long time. Liam also has two older sisters named Nicole and Ruth Payne. He attended St. Peter’s Collegiate School in Wolverhampton, and had always been very interested in music as well as athletics. Liam was involved in an acting group called Pink Productions at the age of twelve. This is when he began singing as well as acting. Along with theatre, Payne was a part of the Wolverhampton and Bilston Athletics Club too. This athletic club was where Liam had learned to run like a track star. When graduation rolled around, Payne enrolled at the City of Wolverhampton College and decided to study music technology. Unlike most of his competition, Liam had been on the show before in 2008. During his 2008 performances on the show, Payne sang well enough to become one of the final twenty-four competitors before he was eliminated. His interest in music and determination drove him to compete on The X Factor for a second time. So for the next two years, Payne was taking vocal lesson to improve his voice so that he could come back to the show better than ever before. Luckily, this audition was much more successful for Liam than his past one was, and his vocal lessons paid off. Liam received a lot of positive feedback from the world as he sang “Cry Me a River” by Justin Timberlake and “Stop Crying Your Heart Out” by Oasis’.