Examining an Ethical Issue

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Running head: EXAMINING AN ETHICAL ISSUE EXAMINING AN ETHICAL ISSUE  SIOBHAN BELLSCHOOL OF PROFESSIONAL STUDIESAbstractAccording to “What’s Ethics?’ by Manuel Velasquez, Clair Andre, Thomas S.J, Michael J. Meter J, “ Ethics is Based on well founded standards of right and wrong that prescribe what humans ought to do, usually in terms of rights, obligations, benefits to society, fairness, or specific virtues”. Nurses are sometimes faces with making difficult choices in which they struggle with making ethical or moral decisions. Nurses can experiences moral challenges especially when nurses are presented in situations in which they cannot do what they think it’s the right thing to do. However, nurses are responsible for identifying possible moral issues that can happening when caring for patients. Nurses must use resources available to help deal with ethical dilemmas that may arise. Ethical DilemmaThe ethical dilemmas demonstrated in the documentary Code Gray (1983) Speaks about how staff nurses struggle with making decisions that might end up still with a tragic outcome. One ethical dilemma that was presented was the case of EJ; a newborn who’s mother had decided to give up for adoption. EJ was born with multiple birth defects that would not allow her livelong. She was to never talk, walk, see, hear or feed without vomiting. She was severely retarded and unable to regulate temperature. EJ’s primary nurses struggle with the concept of prolonging suffering and giving care and comfort for ‘` and let her die. The Nurses giving care to EJ were challenged.Resolutions of Ethical DilemmasIndividuals and groups that have an important stake in the outcome are the multidisciplinary the patient, the families and the multidisciplinary health care team that discusses the choice as stake when presented with an Ethical dilemma challenge. The most important concern is to above all respect patient autonomy to make decisions regardless if the outcome is no favorable. When facing dilemmas such as EJ’s case, different resolutions such as The Utilitarian Approach, which weights the best outcome without causing the least harm. In EJ’s case the nurses were challenged by whether or to continue to nourish her even though it was not doing her any well or should they not and face feeing that is an imposition to the baby to feet it. This resolution will help in working to the benefit of the baby with the less harm possible. Which is most likely the best approach to take. Another resolution that can be used the Rights Approach in which in EJ’s case would be the right not to be injured. The dilemma face for some of the nurse while giving care to EJ was feeding her and putting her a risk for aspiration due to the constant vomiting of the feeding. Making the ethical decision to avoid harming EJ and looking for other appropriate options with the medical team. Last but not least, The Fairness Approach in which in EJ’s case the dilemma was whether or not nature should take its course and nurse/ medical team would only do comfort choices or would all medical approach will be done to sustain EJ’s life. Discussing what the fairest approach is for EJs life which no matter which the outcome could be tragic. The principle of beneficence, or doing well for the patient is what the nurses caring for EJ displayed. I believe this two ethical principles help evaluate how to best face the ethical dilemma on EJs’ case. In addition, the principle of justice can be used as well when facing EJ’s case; being fair to her care regardless of own personal options of care.Ethical Dilemma in NursingEthical dilemmas in nursing are directly related to the fear of nurses’ interventions in care that might not help the outcome or suffering of the patient or May prolonged suffering. American Nurses Associations developed a set of guidelines that help nurses practice ethically towards a clients care. In EJ’s case where there parents are not involved to make decisions for her leaving the nurses with the dilemma struggle of proper care for her. ReferencesSawyer, J., Achtenberg, Ben, Mitchell, Christine, & Fanlight Productions. (2014). Code gray ethical dilemmas in nursing. Boston, Mass.]: [Distributed by] Fanlight Collection.Santa Clara University. (2019). Ethical Decision Making. Retrieved from https://www.scu.edu/ethics/ethics-resources/ethical-decision-making/AMN Healthcare. (2019). Home. Retrieved from https://www.americanmobile.com/nursezone/nursing-news/the-top-ethical-challenges-for-nurses/