Facebook and Google’s base salary are relatively one of the highest in

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Facebook and Google’s base salary are relatively one of the highest in the market. But Facebook employees are paid slightly more as compared to Google’s employees. According to Glassdoor, the average base salary of a Facebook Marketing Manager is $145,000 whereas the average base salary of a Google Marketing Manager is only $130,000.Google’s bonuses are based on good performance. The merit compensation is usually very high based on the employee’s productivity. For example, Google employees of a lower job level can earn significantly more than those at a higher job level, indicating very high merit compensation. Facebook’s merit compensation exists but does not vary from person to person as much as it is based more strictly off a formula. For example, Facebook employees at the same job level earn very similar wages, indicating less merit compensation.Facebook and Google’s short-term incentives are good as it rewards employees for meeting short term business objectives. Facebook provides better short-term incentives for their employees, especially in the Parenthood department. For example, they are the first company to offer coverage of up to $20,000 for egg freezing. Long term incentive refers to the process of rewarding hardworking employees for their efforts in the company. Google’s bonus is targeted at 15% whereas Facebook’s bonus is targeted at only 10%.Google provides the surviving partner of a deceased employee 50% of their salary for 10 years. Facebook and Google are known for their generous perks and benefits that allows their employees to have an efficient work-life balance. However, Facebook’s work-life balance benefit is better compared to Google. Example includes giving $4000 of cash to employees with a new born such that they can enjoy their parenthood. Google offers on site doctors and nurses. Furthermore, employees are given a comprehensive coverage for healthcare. Facebook only offers medical coverage. Facebook has up to 24,000 people working for the company hence it will be much easier for their employees to climb the ladder and have greater opportunities for recognition. As compared to Google with over 60,000 employees. Employees working at Google often worry about their job security. If employees are not promoted in the company, Google will remove them. Google’s culture is towards the “perfectionist” side. Employees are often working on hard problems and finding ways to fix them, with the help of experts reviewing their work. However, Facebook is towards the “hands-off” approach whereby employee’s objective is to just get the job done. Because of this, Facebook employees are less stressed. According to Business Insider, 81% of Facebook employees & 67% of Google employees feel that their work is meaningful. Employees also feel that the things they learn at Facebook helps to make the world a better place.