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Farhiya AbdiJulie laubandStretch Analytical writing1June 6, 2019Most important conversation The most important conversation I heard with my friend was when I started going to college. I didn’t know what I want to be. Whenever I think about what I want to be, I come up with a billion choices, and it was frustrating. Then I sit with my friend who finishes college before me and asked her how I can narrow down my choices on what I want to be in life. She said to me “I go through the same but it’s not bad thing to have several Idea of what you want to do or accomplish so I will advise to you is write down all your Ideas and then figure out which one your most passionate about, the one thing that makes tick and gives you goosebumps when your evasion. That one thing that literally brings you the most fulfillment and then focuses on that. if there’s more than one thing you want to achieve than start with the realistic to you now, perfect that and come back for the others if you have a passion them too”. “thank you, you truly made my day I have been so stressed out lately about school and life and what I should be doing career-wise, but now I think I can think about wisely. Did you used to change your major?” I said.“Yes, I used to change my major and spent learning a nurse course and failed because it wasn’t my choice at all. After that, I did change my course to business and I did it well because it was something I passionate,”“Wow I am glad you’re doing on what you passionate finally,” I said. “Now I went to my dream university and I am doing business and economic BA. I am a bath of deciding my master. Hopefully, you will figure out.” she kept telling how she is on her right bath now. “I was thinking to drop school but now I totally change my mind,” I said.“you will struggle and feel the need to quit but think the end goal and your future