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The conceptual framework to be used for this study will be Betty Neuman’s System Model (NSM). This concept is utilized when assessing a person, family or group capacity to accomplish and keep up a most extreme level of wellness by intentional interventions. NSM theory goes on to warn that several known and unknown stressors can affect their health and possibly disturb their well-being. (AdventHealth, 2017). NSM focuses on the total well-being of a person, which provides a clearer understanding that every individual has to be protected by stressors outside the environment. The theory has different phases on how the body reacts to a certain stressor. First, the normal state of a person with the absence of illness is called the normal line of defence (NLD). Second, the NLD is protected by the flexible line of defence (FLD) so that stressors coming from the environment cannot directly affect an individual’s wellness. If high level of stress or illness is present it may cause the stressors to break through the FLD and causes the activation of the lines of resistance (LOR) which is the body’s mechanism of compensating to the breakthrough. If adequate energy is available it enables the NLD to restore the state of well-being of a person, but if constant stressor is affecting the FLD it causes the individual to have severe illnesses and health related problems (Nursing theory, 2012).Our study anchors on the different phases of neuman’s theory on how the body respond to the stressor. First, The NLD signifies the nurse normal state of well-being while working in the field without the presence of stressor. If the stressor outside the environment such as overtime, workload and work shift is constantly affecting the nurse, it may affect the nurses FLD which is the second phase of neumans theory. The FLD in neumans theory represents the nurse defense in the stressor, if the nurse have enough energy and is aware with the possible effect of the problem it will able them to restore their well-being, but if there is not enough knowledge about it, it can cause the breakthrough of the stressor and can affect the health of the nurse which is the last phase in neumans theory. The LOR is the nurse response to the stressor in which their well-being is totally affected by the stressor which causes them to have health issues and illnesses.