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Academic interest, purpose, objective and motivationMy choice to apply for Masters degree in Critical Care at the University of Edinburgh is directly associated to my proposed career path. I am from Nigeria and graduated from the Nursing Sciences in University of Nigeria Nsukka one of the prestigious universities in my country, I was awarded the best graduating student with a CPGA of 4.45/5.00 with several merit and leadership awards in year 2017. After my graduation, I worked at a specialist institution (National Orthopaedic Hospital, Enugu) specifically in Burns critical care unit for a one year period.My kin interest in this specialization is driven by the need to acquire skills focused on providing specialized care and meeting needs of critically ill or unstable patients following extensive injury, surgery or life threatening diseases. It also gives me the opportunity to work in variety of specialties like general/medical, surgical, trauma, coronary care, cardiothoracic burns and pediatric intensive care units.At the moment, I am very enthusiastic to build on the theoretical and practical knowledge already acquired, and eager to learn and analyze areas yet to be explored. Undeniably, Masters in critical care at this esteemed University seems to be perfect since it covers virtually all the clinical subjects in critical care nursing; including recognition of critical care illness, initial treatment and stabilization of patients, advanced organ system support, coordination of care in the intensive care unit and human factors, all of which can provide for a sound and well-rounded education imperative for the present day critical care discipline. Furthermore, I acknowledge the reputation of this University as a place of academic excellence where students are expected to test their limits. At the same time, I’m confident that I have the necessary stamina and determination to get to the top. It is my sole desire to study critical care at the University of Edinburgh because of its flexibility and dynamism of study using e-learning software and extensive digital resources.However, studying critical care as a post graduate course provides me with opportunities to explore multidimensional phenomenon which encompasses quality patient care, communication, cognitive and interpersonal skills such as improving skills to provide optimal methodology to work up and deliver care to critically ill patients; oversee diagnostic and therapeutic plans for patients based on history taking, physical examination, clinical judgment/patient preference and likewise performing invasive procedures and emergency airway management.A number of reasons motivate me to apply for this program. Firstly, increase shortage of critical care nurses in Nigeria, critical care nursing is relatively new and generally recognized as Intensive care nursing. It is indeed one of the most relevant, but less acknowledged areas of practice in Nigeria, despite its utmost importance to the critically ill patients. Here, in Nigeria, very few Universities offer critical care nursing at post-graduate level with little or no fund for research and this translates to poor trained personnel. Secondly, throughout my undergraduate years I made distinctions in all my medical surgical and critical care nursing courses and also my thesis work was majorly on Critical care nursing “Oral Care Practices of Nurses for critically ill patients unable to help themselves and finally, earning this degree can be arduous but very rewarding in gaining specialized knowledge to advance in this field which will add to my existing skill and then a trajectory progression in both my educational and clinical experience.Furthermore, complemented by my academic record of excellence, I am convinced that I will be a valuable to this program. I hope to be given this ample opportunity as I am very capable of meeting and even exceeding your expectations.Thank you.