For the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespearean and Twenty

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For the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet by Shakespearean and Twenty years on (Bosnia’s Romeo and Juliet ) by Gordana , both of them are about star crossed lovers , and difficult times always bring great romance. . So that makes them have a few similarities. However , actually there are much more differences than similarities. First of all , it’s about their families. For Romeo and Juliet . they are from two families Montague and Capulet and the two families are opposite . Also their parents don’t like each other because of an ancient mutiny and they would not allow any love or even marriage between the families . As parents , they seem to love and care about their children , but the whole families are distant. For example , when Juliet is asked to marry Paris , they do not care if she loves Paris . They just think that Paris must be a perfect man to marry their daughter .He is handsome , wealthy , a kinsman of the prince and he loves Juliet . Juliet would be greatly to them . But when she refuses them , her father got mad with her and he said if she doesn’t marry , she would not be his daughter any more . The only one who does really care about her is the nurse. Now let’s talk about another couple’s families. Bosko and Admira had different religions. Bosko was a Bosnian Serb, or Orthodox Christian, and Admira was a Bosniak Muslim. Their parents don’t like each other as well . But because of the different time period , they didn’t stop their children falling in love . I think their parents were close to them . After their death , Bosko’s mother never returned to Bosnia just because she couldn’t face the place where Bosko and Admira died and she always visited their grave even she was ill . Admira’s parents were sad too. And her dad said that if there is no war in the world, so no mother need to cry over the baby again. But because they are Muslim , they couldn’t go to the front line of their grave. How tragic it is.The Main thing that makes the two couples famous is their melting love .We all know Romeo and Juliet couldn’t be together because of their families . But that couldn’t prevent the young lovers . They are so firm that even can die for each other . They just fall in love in their first sight .For readers , their story is romantic . They expressed their mind and love to each other at the balcony. They went to the Friar and got married on the sneak . They were laughing and crying just because of each other . Their love is also exciting . it happens in only just four days . Because they are young ,they are teens, they had no experience and that’s why they couldn’t make the right decisions. They were impulsive and traitorous sometimes . For instance , Romeo killed Juliet’s cousin Tybalt and he was banished away . However Juliet hated to part with that and also at the same time her parents asked her to marry Paris , she didn’t know how to deal with that , and then incredulously ,she took the poison. And Romeo did so too. That’s the part I can’t forget . For Bosnia’s couple , they had been in love for nine years. Bosko and Admira first kissed at a New Year’s party at the age of sixteen. They fell in love with different religions and nationality .And also it is during the war that which is a impossible time . It is said they were preparing for their wedding and trying to escape from the dangerous place . He could have escaped alone. But he chose to stay with Admira . However , with the hope that they were going to escaping Sarajevo , they were shot by a sniper . Bosko was dead straightway . Admira was still alive . She crawled to her love and holded him . Ten minutes later , she died. They were just 25 years old .They still had a lot of years to spend together before their deaths. But unluckily their lives were ended.Different personality always affects the development of the story . In the story of Romeo and Juliet , firstly they are selfish . when Juliet decides to take the poison to play dead and then leave the city with Romeo. You may say she is brave . However have she ever thought about her parents and the nurse? she is the only child of her parents. And if the plan become successful , the only thing she has is love and happiness. So that action is more foolish. Why only the fake death can save Juliet, it is just because Romeo impulsively killed Tybalt . Also they are not mature at all. Though they are just teenagers ,but if they have a little forethought , direct communication, or some planning , that would change the end of the story. The other couple’s personalities are mostly opposite to Romeo and juliet’s .They are really brave and selfless. During the war, bosko’s family have moved away to another city. Bosko could just escape alone at that time. But he didn’t . he stayed with Admira in Sarajevo in the toughest times. They gathered together as much money as possible and made payments for their safe passage out of Sarajevo .They were so positive to life but they were shot.Another thing that affects the two stories a lot is the age. The play of Romeo and Juliet takes place in the 1300s . The story of bosnia’s Romeo and Juliet happens in 1993. There are almost six hundred years difference between them. In the story of Romeo and Juliet , we always see Romeo in the streets, however Juliet is s sheltered daughter ,almost never allowed outside the wall of her dad’s house. Her freedom is limited. However 1993 is more modern. Even the couple are different backgrounds of religions , but their parents never intervened them. Also they had more freedom than the other couple .As a result , the two stories are quite different and few similar. Both of the two couples love each other , but they died.