From the beginning of the story till the final outcome of a

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From the beginning of the story till the final outcome of a character who makes a long and difficult journey on a path from the country into the town in pursuit of medicine for her grandson in a single day. In the setting it all starts with phoenix in an early december cold morning an old negro woman taps along with her cane on a path through a pine forest. She encounters natural and physical hurdles in her way. After she reaches the top of a hill she looks around to see where she has been and says “ up through the pines. Now down through the oaks”. The author gives the reader an idea of how the character physical traits in the setting still the character traits does not discourage herself to not continue her path. An indication of what is to come, on her way down to the hill she is tangled in a bush of thorns that catches her attention but the thorns get caught onto her dress indicating she was deceived by the beauty of the bush.This part of the journey shows that the temptation that life may offer might look good idea but as soon as you get close enough to them they make trouble. And as soon as person thinks that the struggle is over another problem seems to come up for Phoenix she does not give up . Between this character and Phoenix creates conflict that troubles her in her journey , a white hunter comes along with a dog on a chain the hunter at first seen like a kind of savior who has appeared out of the blue but turns out to be more complicated figure. His questions about Phoenix home and journey suggest that he thinks it’s his right to know these things even though she doesn’t ask him any such questions. His disbelief that she would walk as far as he can and his comments that she’ll get no benefit from her trip and making assumptions that she just going to see santa claus show how his prejudices about her race make him believe her journey is not only less important than his but is. The high point or the point of no return is the climax occurs when phoenix recovers from her memory lost and she discusses her grandson condition with the nurse. She had forgotten after her whole entire journey, what it was she had came for. Life is the same way people can live their whole life searching for something without even knowing what they are looking for.At this point the purpose of her journey to Natchez and that she regularly make this journey out of love for the child. A worn path brings out the struggle that every man and woman goes through in life whether it be fear, being deceived, or other obstacle that interfere with life like phoenix faced.