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NAME – HARPREET KAUR SRANSTUDENT ID – 100363095INSTRUCTOR – JOHN IRWINCOURSE NAME- GEOGRAPHY 1101DATE OF SUBMISSION- 30 JULY 2019LANDSCAPE ESSAYSITE- NEWTON ATHLETIC PARK. INDEXDESCRIPTIONLOCATIONSITE OF ATTRACTIONEVENTSREFLECTION OF CULTUREFACILITIESLIMITATIONSCONCLUSIONREFERENCE DESCRIPTION Newton Athletic Park is a debut goal donning and athletic park in the lower territory. At present, the Park is more than 22 hectares and offers a wide scope of dynamic brandishing offices and courtesies. Moreover, this park has four artificial turf fields, 4 natural turf winter fields, two cricket fields, three natural turf summer fields, eight tennis courts, basketball grounds, soccer fields and rubberised walking tracks.(clicked by me) LOCATIONNewton athletic park is located on 7395- 128 street, which is very close to our university campus. This park is situated exactly opposite to the Dr. FD Sinclair high school. SITE OF ATTRACTIONNewton athletic park consists of four artificial turf fields, four natural turf winter fields, two cricket fields, three natural turf summer fields, eight tennis courts, basketball grounds, soccer fields and rubberised walking tracks.Picnic shelters – It has three picnic shelters. One of them is located at the east of the washroom, and two of them are located on the northwest of the north parking lot. Excursion safe houses are accessible on a first-come, first-serve premise.Parking – There’s bunches of stopping open from 74 Avenue and 128 Street, just as an immediate association with the Serpentine Greenway. The Greenway gives off-road bike and person on foot with the areas toward the north, west and south. (clicked by me)Other amenities- Newton Athletic Park additionally has 3 restrooms with change rooms, play areas, a water park and an on location childcare. There are likewise more than 2 kilometers of pathways for strolling and running.Future goals – The City is at present examining open doors for a new indoor soccer warm-up office.4114800-390525 (clicked by me)There are several sports courts around which there is an uncommon seating region for observers. There are football grounds, tennis courts, basketball grounds etc. This is the best spot for the players to rehearse their diverse expert amusements. Individuals regularly visit this park for the first part of the day and night stroll to remain sound and fit.Various strolling nurseries are available in the park where diverse sort of blossoms and plants are planted to draw in individuals and that upgrades the magnificence of park. There are assortments of plant enclosures situated at the park. There is a huge playing region for the children encompassed by delightful blooms and gardens. Parcel of swings, see saw, slides, bug catching network tree swing, sprinklers and so on. Youngsters delighted in a great deal by playing with various sorts of swings. They find numerous new companions and accomplices of various networks to play with, which emerges the estimation of benevolence and participation in them. (clicked by me) EVENTSFor the most part on ends of the week individuals visit this park to praise picnics, kitty parties, birthday parties. Furthermore, to invest energy with their relatives and companions, they accompany their nourishment, drinks, music framework and playing stuff and they invested their energy in a pleasurable manner. Other than that, there are various leagues and tournaments that take place in this athletic park. ACTION BMX PARK – Situated at the northwest corner of the recreation center, with access and stopping from 75 Avenue, Action BMX is a BMX hustling office worked to worldwide dashing gauges. The office is kept up and overseen by Action BMX, a Canadian Cycling Association, which hosts dashing, preparing, and recreational projects. Clients, including Olympic Competitor Tory Nyhaug, originate from all through the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley. FACILITIESThere are drinking fountains, very much cleaned washrooms, and taps, sitting seats and enormous stopping zone for the guests.To know the views of other people who visit this park on daily basis, I had some interviews with some individuals. That was very interesting. At first, I was little shy to ask such questions. But the interviews got so interesting later. People sad they enjoy a lot in this park. Most of them were living very close to the park. They said that the reason behind their good physical and mental health is newton athletic park. They hang out with their friends and enjoy the dock of nature. They were pretty satisfied with their lives. CULTURE REFLECTIONAs Canada is a multicultural nation, so individuals lives here have a place with various nations and social orders. This park is where people from different networks sit together, play together and do parties together. Also, there are many swings in the park for children where they get to know the children from other culture. Somehow, they share a same culture and they exploit the diversity of religion. (clicked by me) LIMITATIONS Although this park is so good to spend leisure time and to build professional skills, but still it lacks some facilities. While getting a charge out of the gatherings or picnics, individuals frequently cook nourishment over yonder which causes a great deal of smoke that outcome to numerous medical issues. People use charcoal BBQ in the park and they put BBQ directly on the table which damage the table colour. The wrappers, squander papers, void plastic containers also, cups tossed by individuals. Now and then individuals accompany their pets that additionally polluted soil and water. Some of the limitations are more related to the visitors as they misuse some facilities. CONCLUSIONLast but not least, this essay helped me a lot to study many things in the park which I had never noticed before. As a part of geography, this project aroused my interest in nature. More than that, it aroused my interest to preserve the nature. Somehow, this essay was connected with the health as well. Also, this project helped me to improve my communication skills as I interviewed few individuals. REFERENCESNewton athletic park. (2019). Retrieved from, K., Hou, F., & Schellenberg, G. (2016). Life satisfaction among recent immigrants in Canada: Comparisons to source-country and host-country populations. Journal of Happiness Studies, 17(4), 1659-1680. doi: