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Getting to know you!To: Students in W2019 HCA115 – Health Care OperationsFrom: Catherine Barnhart, Part-Time FacultyDate: January 8, 2019Topic: IntroductionsAs your professor, I am interested in understanding your goals so that I can focus my teaching on your needs and interests. Please answer the following questions and send to me by email by Friday, January 11, 2019. My email address is [email protected] 1. Your name: DHARA PATEL2. Do you have a nickname that you commonly use? NO3. What is your email [email protected]. Where are you from? o Town/City: SURATo Province/State/District: GUJRATo Country: INDIA5. What is your background/professional discipline (e.g. nurse, pharmacist, dentist, therapist, etc.)DENTIST6. How will the Health Care Administration program contribute to your professional goals as a health care professional working in Canada?This course enhance my knowledge and skills in management, communication and leadership areas, which help me to develop my interpersonal skills and gives an ideas how to work as a health care practitioner in Canada and these learning outcomes help me to set up my own dental office in Canada. 7. Review the Health Care Operations Course Outline. What topic(s) interest you the most and why?I am really want to learn all the topics which covered under this course, but the most interesting part is about the emergency planning because it is very difficult to manage and take decisions in the emergency situations. Other than that I am also interested in safety and security, which is the most important while treating the patient. 8. What is most important to learn from the Health Care Operations course?The most important learning outcome from this course is how to provide and manage the more services in the less time without compromising the qulity. The second most important things is how to maintaint the standard of any organization by doing effective planning and using resourses. 9. Do you have a part-time job? YES. I AM WORKING AS A CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE IN HGS CALL CENTRE. 10. Please feel free to share anything else about yourself (e.g. family, accomplishments, awards, hobbies, other interests, etc.).I LIKE TO LEARN NEW THINGS AND I AM VERY PASSANATING ABOUT COOKING.