Globalization – Unites the World

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Globalization – Unites the World “Globalization has enriched the planet beyond belief, leading to ever-increased demands of perfection. And thanks to 24/7 communications, we all instantaneously know when these expectations aren’t met” (Hanson, n.d.). Globalization is interacting people worldwide with the help of internet, social media, telephones calls etc. Globalization can be considered in business as well as in casual life as to contact friends who are far away from you for example in other country. Globalization is that the association of various elements of the planet leading to the growth of international cultural, economic, and political activities. it’s the movement and integration of products and folks among completely different countries. There are a unit blessings and drawbacks to economic process, all of that have economic, social, political, and cultural impacts. Economic process is however countries area unit coming back along mutually huge international economy, creating international trade easier. Globalization increases inequality in the world, and it create international organized crime in the world, and it makes trade easy as well as it access free movement of labor and increases economic sales. Globalization increases inequality in the world. In many of the counties, globalization increases inequality among people. For example: “When Russia integrated into the globalized markets, there was an increase of 21.8% of people living on or below two dollars per day, whilst a select minority became richer from the same integration” (Simon, 2013). This difference is worsened, since the state will now not maintain its welfare system, nor spread with efficiency, in a very globalized world, thanks to the fight of world finance. The anti-globalization movement claims that international absolute financial gain difference has conjointly greatly hyperbolic thanks to globalization. Pre-globalization there was very little difference due to communism, those with slight benefits, together with government contacts, might cash in of globalization and have become richer, while those that didn’t get poorer. This is explained by the fact that economic process involves competitor within the international market, making losers and winners, impoverished and loaded. The competition inherent in globalization results in a scenario that from its terribly nature implies difference. In simplified terms, in keeping with the anti-globalizers, globalization causes a rise in difference at intervals nation states, as a result of the poor lack capital and in an exceedingly globalized world the states square measure unable to distribute, thereby increasing inter-country difference thanks to the inherent competition it implies. Globalization creates international organized crime, global terrorism and worldwide environmental problems. “The proliferation of international tourism in places such as Thailand has led to growing prostitution. The trafficking of women has also become a problem in countries with economic issues, such as Russia or some Asian countries” (Simon, 2013). that globalization has diode to an increase in international union crime; he considers specifically the exploitation of girls across the planet, contention that additional open borders permit girls to figure removed from home as domestic servants. Clearly, of these samples of feminine exploitation by union criminals are a result of increasing interconnections, samples of that embody additional open borders, bigger international business and quicker, cheaper transportation ways. international act of terrorism has additionally developed as a results of globalization; so, monotheism act of terrorism demonstrates a resistance to Western civilization, that is seen as contradictory to Muslim faith and culture The worldwide environmental problems we tend to face are caused by, firstly, increasing technology supporting high pollution growth in developed countries; second, the fast industry of the developing world; and eventually, associate degree exponentially increasing world population. Globalization leads many nations to have fight in between them. Most of the people believe that many mis happening only happens due to globalization only. Globalization did not divide the world; it helps to unites the world. “The advent of communication and transportation technology on the international scene is making huge waves, as it has been for the past 100 years or so” (Seale, 2000). Even the last 10 years have seen an enormous drop in the costs of international communication Globalization is that the meaninglessness of these days as somebody assume it may develop the international web. People will contact various people from their own place that are from different countries. Moreover, web is a lot of necessary things in economic process no matter for personal or society because it will allow us to contact the items within the outside like the international news. economic process let the globe being ‘smaller’. even so, most of the interest’s area unit brought in by the developed countries. they cannot beware developing countries. As a result of these corporations solely wish to coworker in the profits, so that arises loads of problems thanks to economic process. The positive things simply on the surface of economic process. The economic process will promote completely different cultures everywhere the globe. People can contact other culture in their own place. With the help of internet people can easily access the varieties of cultures that are in different corner of the world. And by this they get knowledge and have one importance to communicate with the people who are far away as they know many things initially only. Globalization helps to open international access and makes trade easy. “With the world increasingly resembling the “global village” predicted by social scientist Marshall McLuhan decades in the past, small businesses are no longer restricted to only reaching customers in the U.S” (Quain, 2019). According to me, With the help of globalization people can contact internationally and start up their business with the help of internet. Nowadays people are opening small businesses with the help of internet and now they are sharing international market with many people in other countries with the help of social media, websites, mobile marketing etc. For example: “if you sell comic books to a U.S. market, there’s nothing stopping you from promoting your products to Japanese youth that love American superheroes” (Quain, 2019). International trade and finance area unit usually confused as being similar with economic process. Indeed, trade and international finance have contributed to economic process however they’re not identical. Globalization could be a process that widens, deepens and speeds-up interconnections between folks, establishments, markets and nations. To understand the economic logic behind international trade, you’ve got to simply accept, as these corporations do, that trade is concerning dependent exchange. One factor is obviously, protection and openness to international trade each have financial gain distribution effects. The key question is UN agency reaps the advantages and UN agency carries the burden of the system adopted by a given country. Globalization makes free movement of labor. “Increased labor migration gives advantages to both workers and recipient countries. If a country experiences high unemployment, there are increased opportunities to look for work elsewhere. This process of labor migration also helps reduce geographical inequality” (Pettinger, 2017). According to me, this has been quite effective within the EU, with several Japanese European employees migrating west. Also, it helps countries with labor shortages fill necessary posts. as an example, the United Kingdom required to recruit nurses from the region to fill shortages. However, this issue is additionally quite arguable. Some area unit involved that free movement of labor will cause excess pressure on housing and social services in some countries. Countries just like the USA have passed through this method by actively trying to stop migrants from different countries (Pettinger, 2017). If there’s free movement of labor, then employees from overseas will take temporary jobs once Associate in Nursing economy is booming then come home, once the boom is over. this is often notably helpful for rotatory job markets, like construction. “The number of Personal Public Service (PPS) Numbers issued to non-Irish nationals went down by nearly 50% between 2008 and 2009, and over the past two years the number of employment permits issued has dropped by 66%” (Pettinger, 2017). This helps to reduce geographical inequality in the world. So, globalization unites the worlds as reducing inequality means unity. Globalization increases economic sales, and by this people have greater competition and it help to invest more. “Production is increasingly specialized. Globalization enables goods to be produced in different parts of the world. This greater specialization enables lower average costs and lower prices for consumers” (Pettinger, 2017). Globalization helps to increase global export. . Globalization arises greater competition among people weather it is in business or in personal life. In personal life people try to be richer and smarter than other people by looking at them with the help of social media and other internet sources. According to me, Globalization increases investments and by this people prefer to invest more. “It has made it easier for countries to attract short-term and long-term investment. Investment by multinational companies can play a big role in improving the economies of developing countries” (Pettinger, 2017). These practices end in enhanced cultural similarities between countries and progressively connected economies that have more mutual interests and challenges. economic process and international investment area unit tied along and lead into each other as firms act internationally by increasing their international investment out of mutual interest and therefore the must be compelled to keep internationally competitive (Hall, 2018). Globalization enhance crime and terrorism and it increases inequality in the world, but it also helps people to invest more and to trade easily in different countries. Every person has different perspective. Majority of people say that globalization divides the country and some people say that it unites the world. According to me Globalization unites the world as globalization comes from technology and technology give human being lots of advantages. Globalization connects the human being to the world and people can do whatever they want with help of it. It makes trade easy, business easy as well as communication easy and due to this only many countries growing much faster in economy and finance. Globalization introduces so much businessman to the world and it gives platform to newcomers to perform and be famous. So, Globalization have more benefits and compared to disadvantages. AppendixReferencesSimon, O. (2013, May 21). How can people be opposed to globalization? Retrieved from, J.D. (2000, October 6). Globalization uniting the world. Retrieved from, S. (2019, March 05). Why has globalization become so important? Retrieved from Why it matters. n.d. Why it matters: Globalization and international trade. Retrieved from, F. (n.d.). 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