Good morning fellow students and Mrs Makepeace today in my speech I

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Good morning fellow students and Mrs Makepeace today in my speech I will be exploring more into the question “To what extent was society in the Soviet Union transformed under Stalin’s rule? “ joseph Stalin is known around the world to be one of the most dangerous and powerful dictators in history. Joseph Stalin became the former ruler of the soviet union and transformed it into a industrial power by using the agriculture policy of organising farms and the industrial policy which is commonly known as the five year plan. In my speech today I will talk about how society in the soviet union was transformed under stalins rule. An overview of the social impact include state control , living in fear and the impact on various social groups. Society in the soviet union was transformed under 5 impacts under stalins rule, including control of the media, education and indoctrination , women’s rights , totalitarian control over society and suppression of minority rights.Control of the mediaThe media had a lot to do with how society was transformed under stalins rule as it broadcasted the achievements of communism , Stalin and all his ecumenical groups. The media was only controlled by the government and only gave permission for some areas of news and the messages from Stalin to be broadcasted. Photographs and stories were edited to glorify stalins appearance.First sourceMy first secondary source is a soviet government poster from 1928 that illustrates how stalin isn’t happy that the civilians constantly put their own needs before the soviet union. In this source officials go to take land off kulaks property and use the land for collective farming. The civilians went into forced labour on these farms.Education and indoctrinationThroughout the soviet union , Stalin controlled all schooling from nursery schools to university’s and made all education completely free for up to 9 school years for every family. Children learnt subjects that would help them with industrialisation mainly for boys for when they leave their school. For young me the importance of sacrifice and hard work to help build the communist state was highly stressed . Second sourceMy second source is a soviet government poster from 1929 which illustrates when peasants threatened they wouldn’t plan their crops which started causing fear of a civil war which called a stop to collectivisation Women’s rights in the soviet societyIn the soviet union women had an important role to play they had to cook , clean , work , take care of children and most likely the men as well. In the soviet times the woman would most likely have more rights then the man which put her at the head of family. After the 1920s the government placed a rule that stated women and man now had the same rights when its to do with family , education (etc). since then women are now working in factories and different high class jobs. This benefited the soviet economy as they had new workers everyday as well as stalun was more concerned about economy then anything.First primary source;my first primary source is an interview from a 32 year old woman who was living in the era of Stalin and the soviet union .in this interview it gives us her opinion on how the society they live in is changing and the rules their following are falling apart and changing.