Good morningafternoon teachers and fellow studentsFor those of you who don’t know

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Good morning/afternoon teachers and fellow students.For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kierra Mann and I am running for House Captain for Turner of 2020. Being Any School Leader has been my dream since I started high school , A turner house leader is representing JPC the school, its values and the house charism which is community. I have loved watching the school grow as a community. Now firstly,You can talk to me when there is something wrong or something that you feel is not right and I will try and fix your problems. I will appreciate what you have got no matter if you think you’re bad at sports. Even if we lose I am still proud of you for trying your best and I find that if anyone are upset or finding a friends I will stop by them and ask if they’re ok and if they need some help. If I see a peer hurt I will go help them and ask if they’re ok and I will take them to a teacher or nurse if needed. I will always show up to school activities such as Athletics Day, House Music at Mad Day and other school activities and always show the school values inside and out of the school. I will be an good leader for the turner house leader , I will always work as a team in my classroom and show all the school values. My own personal goal is to build up my confidence in front of crowds like assemblies, special events such Swimming Carvial, Athletics Day, Mad Day and so much more. I will always share, care, be honest and I will be responsible. And I will always help my lovely teachers and my peers , I will help anyone that needs help. I am looking forward to sharing my passion for sports by encouraging other people to get involved. I have always loved sports and I am so grateful for the opportunities this role will bring. I am not only able to improve my confidence and leadership skills, but am also able to increase participation and overall house spirit in Turner . I promise that as a leader I will give all my effort and strive to be the best role model for others that I can. I know that I will make turner a great year.Thanks for listening to Kierra Mann and good luck to the other candidates.