Growing up I had two sisters who were ALWAYS leaving their mess

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Growing up, I had two sisters who were ALWAYS leaving their mess out, and I was the one who was always cleaning it up. They both loved art and used a lot of paper. I had always thought paper was meaningless, and wasteful, killing trees, and decreasing the only oxygen we have until my grandma was sick in the hospital, and I started to write her letters. Even though I could call her and talk to her, she especially loved getting letters from me the old fashioned way. She told me it was the highlight of her day to receive a letter from me, and that they were what made being in the hospital tolerable. My grandma and I were very close. When I was a young girl, I would go and visit her twice a week, and spend the night there with her. We would play blackjack, and watch old movies that she had enjoyed when she was younger. Most of them were pretty funny. She only lived an hour away, and I would go on a big adventure, taking the bus to her house. She was lonely, and living by herself since Grandpa had passed away. I loved listening to her tell me stories about when she was young. She told me about when she would go to the store with her sister, and they would try to see who could get the most candy in the shopping cart without their mom noticing. But their mom always found out, and she would sneak it back onto the shelves without them noticing. She was also really pretty. I always thought she could have been a model, but she worked as a nurse. When my grandma first met my grandpa, he had come into the hospital with a broken leg from falling off a ladder at work. She told me he broke it in two different places. They hit it off pretty well right away. My grandpa began writing her love letters on beautiful pieces of paper, and the rest was history. It’s been five years since my grandma passed away, but that hasn’t stopped me from writing to her. Every week at the same time, I visit her grave, put new flowers down, and give her a letter that I wrote to her containing tales of my week.  Keeping in touch with my grandma this way has helped me move on from her absence in my life.I became a nurse like my grandma, and that is how I met my husband, Adam. A few weeks after getting married, I received a letter from my grandma. I was so confused when I got it, but then my mom told me that grandma had written it when she was still alive with instructions to mail it to me on my wedding day. I was so nervous to read it. The letter contained the most beautiful words from my her. She let me know how proud she is of me, and how much she loves me. It was such a beautiful and not at all meaningless piece of paper.