Hazards Anything that can cause injuries illness property damages and loss

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Hazards Anything that can cause injuries, illness, property damages and loss of material.These are types of hazards Physical – Slippery floors, objects in walkways, unsafe or misused machinery, excessive noise, poor lighting, fire.1. Chemical – Gases, dusts, fumes, vapours and liquids.2. Ergonomic – poor design of equipment, workstation design, (postural) or work-flow, manual handling, repetitive movement.3. Radiation – Microwaves, infra-red, ultraviolet, lasers, X-rays and gamma rays.4. Psychological – Shift work, workload, dealing with the public, harassment, discrim-ination, threat of danger, constant low-level noise, stress.5. Biological – Infection by bacteria, virus, fungi or parasites through a cut, insect bite, or contact with infected persons or contaminated object.Risks is the chance or probability that a person will be harmed or experience an adverse health effect if exposed to hazard Health and safety indoor and off site visit environment planning In the school premises everyone has right to feel safe and protected from harm it is responsibilities of learning support practitioners to help the pupils. when we are planning and preparing the learning environment for the pupils, we have to follow the rules of health and safety. The learning environment can be any area indoor or outdoor the school setting, which can be used for learning and teaching, for example, it can be a classroom, school hall. outdoor areas are such as playground sports filed. specialist teaching area such as setting for science, art. food technology and P.E. in the learning environment all pupils should be given equal opportunity For the Indoor and outdoor activity, these are most considerable factors:Space: There is enough space (room) for the pupil When carrying out the activity Indoor for example circle time make sure there is no obstacle on the way like furniture make sure shelves, filling cabinets are secured in the classroom usually in the reception’ s playground was too small for using the equipment make sure shelves are not overloaded heavy item should be stored on the bottom Weather: It is the most considerable factor which influenced when any activity carried out outside the classroom or in the school for example, playground may not open if it too much cold and ice Indoor temperature between 68 and 78 degrees .make sure Air ventilation (no strange odours) Security – Is the outdoor environment safe, could pupils wander off, are there enough adults supervising the pupils, it the area safe for the activity.Suitable clothing – for indoor activity make sure before water activity pupils wearing an apron and outdoor activity children may need different clothing for an activity, wellies if they are gardening or sunhats when outside in summer.Electronics power bars in good conditions and approved by CSA make sure all cords are placed and secured GFI outlets if plugs near watercleaning –Make sure playing area is clean its free from animal poo FLOORS. should be clean free from debris that can cause of slip and tripFree of carpets and loos tiles.Celling free from leaks.For example, P.E I will make sure sport activity is secure and safe according the policyGymnastic Preparation it is according to the student age and ability make sure all students are physically ready to perform their skills its included • appropriate lead up• prerequisite developmental skill progressions and drillso Before administration of medicine in school I will consider to apply legal re-quirement as we know school staff Involved to get special training and work in consultation with school nurse and health care consultant.o I will consult with school nurse, and followed her instructions for the medi-cine in the case of absence Urgent medications are given to children who experi-ence sudden pain or fever (e .g, headaches, toothaches, menstrual cramps). o I will make sure medicine is brought at school with original labelled con-tainer I kept written records of all medicine which I gave to children for ex-ample reason for medicine, time of medication, name of medicine and how much dosage gave I will tell to the parents about these records