Health and SafetyThe health and safety of residents of a society are

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Health and SafetyThe health and safety of residents of a society are very valuable in a green and smart city. For good health of residents of this town, several strategies have been suggested that must be carried out. These strategies are building two new hospitals and Vertical Garden that are being taken in this section. Some other strategies have been taken in the above sections that effect on better health of people like PV, CSTS, EE, waste management strategies, and water management strategies that increase in air and water quality. For the safety of residents, A few strategies have being suggested that are installing CCTV camera in the town, creating firefighter station, two more police stations, and increase police force in four phases, and so on. Vertical GardenVertical Garden is a new idea that comes in the world. It constructs the vertical building that can produce a few times more food than the food product in the same amount of land. The new focus in the world is in the vertical garden because it can produce more foods in the small area. Here is the plant to build two vertical gardens in this town. The area of each vertical garden will be 2000 m2 and the total area is about 4000 m2. The construction cost of the vertical garden is about $900/m2, so the overall construction cost will be around $3.6 million [59]. Besides these vertical gardens generate foods for residents of this town, it will create jobs for people.Hospital ConstructionThis town has two hospitals in phase 2 and phase 3. There is plan to build two new hospitals in an area of 800 m2 with 20 beds in total according to international standards in phase 1 and phase 4 that residents of this town for residents to have better access to sanitation. These two new hospitals will hire new doctors and nurses. It will create jobs for residents of this town or other people in the city. The construction cost of an international standard hospital is about $1.5 million per beds. The construction cost of these two hospitals with 20 beds will be around $30 million. Firefighter StationIn this town, the firefighter station doesn’t exist. The making at least one firefighter station in this town has been suggested. This will give more safety to this town. It will confront with fire at anyplace of town. This firefighter station will construct at an area of 300 m2 and it will have two firefighter cars. The construction cost for firefighter station is about $1,722 per square meter and the cost of firefighter cars are about $100,000 per piece [53]. The overall cost of firefighter station will be around $720,000. Police StationThis town has one police station in phase 3. There is plan to build two new police station in phase 1 and phase 2. These police station will build each at an area of 800 m2. The construction cost of the police station is about $4,844 per square meter that the overall cost of the police station will be around $7.75 million. By creating new police stations the number of police in this town will be increased, which cause the crime rate decrease in town. It gives the feel to people who they are safe. CCTV Security SystemCCTV (closed-circuit television) is a TV system that signals are being monitored for surveillance and security purposes. CCTV relies on data from the camera, which placed strategically in all town. The installing 8,000 CCTV camera in all around this town have been planned. The cost for one CCTV is the range from $100 up to $500, the cost for each camera as average has been taken $250 and the installation cost per piece has being taken $100 [53] [60]. The total installation cost and CCTV is about $2.8 million. It will bring security in this town and the residents of this town will be sure from security. EducationEducation is the basis of green and smart city development. The developing of a nation relates closely to people science of that society. In the plan of this town, 5 schools and 1 education complex had considered. The plan is to develop 5 schools to high schools according to international standards. The university will also construct according to international standards. The private courses will create in town for improving the knowledge of students. The residents of this town will be trained for using the technologies of green and smart city in a better way. School Development This town has only one high school and the other four is primary school. The developing these schools to high schools according to international standards have been suggested. The area of each school will be 8,400 m2 with a capacity of 700 students in one time that will have the capacity of 1,400 students in two times. The cost is being assumed to be $588 per square meter. The overall cost is about $25 million. Private CoursesIn Afghanistan for improving knowledge and learning new things private courses exist. The private courses are the best place for further education and learning new things especially in winter when the schools are exempt. In winter the student also goes to courses with enthusiasm. The creating a few private courses have being planned in each phase of town for students that get better access to education. In these courses, the competent teachers will being brought that students will educate in a better way. In these courses, the language and science will be taught to students. The quality of these courses will be high than to other courses in Kabul city. University Construction The low-level of knowledge of residents in a city brings several challenges. For controlling these challenges, there is need to educate most of the residents in a city or country. In this town, for improving the knowledge of residents, the construction of a university has being proposed in this town with international standards. This university will construct in an area of 24,000 m2 with a capacity of 3,000 students. The overall construction cost of this university will be around $50 million. Training ResidentsThe residents of this town required knowledge of technologies for using green and smart city technologies in an efficient and effective way. The plan is to train all residents of this town about green and smart city technologies. This will improve the knowledge of residents that how to use from green and smart city technologies and do not destroy the green and smart city. This training session will cost about $500,000. Acoustic Environment The acoustic environment is an important characteristic of a city, which is a quality measurement of a green city. In an acoustic environment sounds quality is very important. For a good acoustic environment, the traffic noise reduction policy and underground cables and pipes strategy have been suggested in this program. Few strategies are being suggested early that effect on the acoustic environment. Traffic Noise Reduction Policy Traffic Noise is significant sound pollution. This environmental problem can affect the life of residents. The noise pollution can affect health and behavior, it can cause tinnitus, hypertension, high-stress level, sleep disturbances, hearing loss, and other harmful effects. The sources of noise pollution can be everything that creates sorrowful sound, like, washing machine, food mixer, cooler, IC engine of cars, car honk, car speaker, car soundboard, and other harmful sounds. The noise level for residential buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, and kindergartens are about 63 dB that is low than to road noise. This policy will keep the noise level below 68 dB in this town. The TNRP will consider from EV, traffic management system for reducing congestion, underground cables and pipes, and noise trigger to decrease the noise level in this town. The installing sound proof in rooms to prevent from noise pollution in houses have been suggested to residents.Underground cables and pipesThe acoustic of the environment is very important for a green and smart city. The use of underground cables and pipes are essential for the acoustic of the green and smart city. This strategy will add beauty to this town. The use of cables and pipes in underground beside beauty, it has several other benefits like reliability and safety. The best solution for the acoustic environment of society is the use of cables and pipes in the underground. BuildingsThe construction of buildings is very vital in a green and smart city because the efficiency of buildings and types of buildings is important to reach for the green and smart city. A building must be certified by LEED. The LEED is a certification program that is based on point system the high your building gets point the high it has quality. For this certification the green building strategy has been suggested. The new green buildings have being created or the existing buildings will transforms to green buildings. Green building Green buildings are buildings that its design, construction, and operation reduce or eradicate negative impacts and create positive impacts on climate and natural environment. Green buildings reducing pollution, trash, and degradation of the environment. It also increases efficiency and green areas. Green building use in an efficient way from energy, water, and other sources. It protects the health and safety of residents in buildings. Green buildings have green areas inside it. Green buildings provide a better place for the living [61] [62]. The strategy to add green buildings in town or transform the conventional buildings to green buildings has being taken. Green buildings cost just about 2.5% – 7% more than conventional design. The cost of green building on average under 2% is $3-4/ft2 more than traditional construction. The average cost of the new house is $150/ft2 in the world [63]. Then, it will cost $155 – 160/ft2 to build a green building. The transforming 500 buildings have being planned that have 400 m2 area and 500 buildings that have 300 m2 area have being planned to transform. In total 1000 buildings will transform into green buildings in this town. The transform a conventional building to green building will cost $113 per square meter. The total cost of transform conventional buildings to green buildings are about $40 million. It will save from 50 – 70% in heating and cooling cost and it also saves about 25% energy in the appliance. The green buildings will save about $70 million dollars in 25 years. LEED CertificationLEED is a certification program that is the abbreviating of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. The plan is to register all of the buildings in this town in LEED Certification program [64]. The people will be encouraged to work on buildings to get certification of LEED or Certified in LEED. The minimum requirements of this certification are, 1) Confirm the environmental regulation and standards, 2) meet the minimum limit floor area requirement, 3) Must build at least to minimum of building occupancy, 4) it must be a permanent building, 5) Must share the energy and water usage data, 6) maintain a reasonable site boundary, 7) must have a minimum building to site area ratio [65]. So the buildings in this town that want to certify must complete these requirements.EquityEquity is the equal right of women in society. In Afghanistan, the female can’t get their rights because the people don’t care about the women right. This is a big challenge that Afghan society face. The gender policy for this town to the conflict against female’s right has being created. Gender Policy: The gender policy in this town will state that 10% of employment in jobs will be the woman. It also states that no one will harm and disrespect to women in this town. This policy state that anyone can use from public transport disaggregated by age, sex, and person with disabilities. Smart StrategiesThe world is changing and the cities are becoming smarter. The use from smart technologies is increasing nowadays. The use from smart technologies in this town is essential for transforming to a green and smart city. A smart policy that gives direction for a smart city has being created. The smart strategies that suggest in here are the strategies that take care by smart policy. These smart strategies are foundation fiber-optic Network, smart healthcare, smart power, smart water, smart city Wi-Fi, smart waste management, smart lighting, smart parking, smart education, smart lab, e-governance, smart transport, smart citizen, and smart sight, sound, and sense that all of them are being included in smart policy. Smart PolicySmart policy is a combination of natural language text and software. Some of the software run on a smart contract and some on the policyholder’s device. The policyholder directly interacts with the policy via its natural language interface. The smart policies are being required for the smart city because of data protection and usage, privacy and personal right protections, information security, and reliability and livability. The smart policies are very important and essential for the design of a smart city. The smart policy will give an assurance to residents for the security of their data. The smart policy controls the privacy of residents from hackers and it secures the system from cyber-attack. The smart policy suggests strategies to implement for reaching to the purpose of the policy. These strategies implement in 4 phase at 17 years. It means that smart policy will take in 17 years.