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This essay will focus on the leadership-related issue that took place in a healthcare facility where I worked as an Assistant during my clinical placement. The incident occurred during childbirth by a 42-year old pregnant woman, who has a medical history of chronic obesity and diabetes. A nurse, midwife or nursing associate have the responsibility of protecting the confidentiality of patients receiving care under them. This is in accordance with the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) code, which emphasizes on the respect for people’s right to confidentiality and insist that personal information must not be disclosed without the consent of the person (NMC, 2018). Hence, the names of the patient, members of the healthcare team and healthcare facility will be omitted in order to adhere to the confidentiality required in the nursing profession.The situation happened in a child delivery room for pregnant women who were placed under bed rest and were receiving treatment for various forms of pregnancy complications. An incident occurred during labour and delivery of the pregnant woman, who has a medical history of chronic obesity and diabetes with resultant high blood pressure. The patient has had previous cesarean delivery twice and is of an older age (42-year old) which prompted the doctor to recommend bed rest, avoiding intercourse, avoiding pelvic examinations, limiting travel and cesarean delivery. During the start of the shift on that fateful day, the nurse manager delegated explicit roles to the healthcare nursing team which was made up of permanent nursing staff, two healthcare assistants, assistant practitioner and four trainee nursing associates. One of the trainee nursing associates, who was in charge of routine blood pressure check as well as administering of the prescribed medication for the care of the patient’s high blood pressure forgot to do so. In the course of the routine check by the assistant practitioner, it was discovered that the patient was running temperature with raised blood pressure. Further investigation revealed that the patient was bleeding and the fetal heart reading was abnormal. The situation was however well managed by the timely intervention of the nurse manager, who requested the assistance of the response team (nurses, doctors and surgeons) for immediate cesarean delivery to save the life of mother and child.