Helping and caring for other people have been part of life I

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Helping and caring for other people have been part of life. I therefore used that as an opportunity to considered pursuing nursing as a career. There are many reasons why I have decided to become a nurse. However, before stating my reasons, I will like to educate readers of this paper as what nursing is and what nurses do. Nursing from my understanding is refers to as a profession within the healthcare sector which focus is directed to helping and caring for other individuals within the societies who cannot physically and medically help themselves. Nurses therefore help these individuals physically and medically to regain their health and quality of life. The main reasons why I want to become a nurse are as follows: Helping and caring for others, respectability, job opportunities and financial prosperity.Helping and caring for others: Having passion and courage to help and care for others is one of the major reasons that have motivated me to pursue nursing as life and long term career. Nursing as we know is a noble and highly respected profession, which primarily involves assisting or aiding other individual who does not have the ability and strength to help themselves; therefore, since I have the attributes and passion of helping and caring for other people, is one of the major reasons why I wanted to become a nurse. In addition to the above points, having passion for genuinely improving others well-being, making sick individuals comfortable and delivering new lives into the world, also made me more courageous and passionate of becoming a nurse.Job opportunities and Financial Prosperity: The other reason why I want to become a nurse is the availability of job opportunities in the field and financial prosperity after graduation from school. There are many jobs opportunities in the field of nursing when compared to other professions. According to the US bureau of labor statistic, nursing is one of the fastest growing career field with an average potential growth of 16 percent with a media salary of $ 68,450 depending on the area of specialization. Taking the above point into account, I considered nursing as a career that will bring me happiness and financial prosperity when compared to other professions.Respectability and Diversity: The final reason why I want to become a nurses is respectability. Since nursing involves helping and caring for others in the society who cannot help themselves, this made nursing a noble profession which shows that individuals who pursue nursing as career are admired and well respected members within their communities— this simply means it takes a great courage to care for other people in our societies who needed the help of others most. I therefore want to be one of those members in my community. Moreover, since caring for others is one of the major features of nursing profession, then becoming a nurse will open doors of opportunities to meet with different individuals from different background, which will in turns foster diversity. In conclusion, there is no iota of doubt in mind that readers of this paper will agree with my points stated above as the main reasons why becoming a nurse in very essential to me.