How internet changed our life

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INTRODUCE 1.1WHO INVENTED INTERNETFor ‘how the internet changed our life’,First,we must know who invented internet.The story behind internet is the computer scientists Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn are credited with inventing the Internet communication protocols that we use today and the system is called Internet.1.2WHAT IS INTERNETWhat is internet? Internet is a computer network that is international/global/worldwide,means that the network can be using by all the world and internet also provide us to communication and sharing all the information .Example, using one computer you can directly using the internet to sharing any information or message to another computer at another place.For internet we also have two part that is intranet and extranet. For, intranet is a private network that cannot use by everyone on pubic the intranet only allow by a group of people , example, only MMU students and lecturer can login into MMLS or camsys with their own password and ID.For, extranet is a private network but can use by outsider example , company’s partner can use their extranet private page.After that, using the Web, you can access to a lot of pages that have information.Web browsing is done with a Web browser, example like Chrome, Apple Safari Internet Explorer and more.In fact,we know that internet have many use or provide the srvice such as online gaming, online shopping ,Transfer file , live stream and can using social media or E-mail to communication that is because internet have the Internet Protocol that is (IP) and that is internet primary component and communications backbone because internet are comprised both of hardware and software so the IP communication standard is used to know the address or location and identify then connected the devices. So,the internet become the best communications method in the world and changing the world communication nowadays.THE REACTION OF PEOPLE2.1 HOW THEY THINK INTERNET ISHow people think about the Internet? Different person different view, somebody said Internet more comfort them in their daily life because convenience and some individual said will harm them if over depend on Internet.Now, let us discuss about the advantage of Internet. First of all, Internet is a large connection of computers to help users communicate and share information. The Internet can let person more easier to communicate with people all around the world through the social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Why said that is convenience? Since social media is very fast to send and receive the message in matter of seconds. Second, the Internet act as the main root of information, with multiple search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Baidu. Through these of the search engine, any people can access an information in anytime and everywhere. Thirdly, the Internet can also for entertainment use. If you like to listen music, so you can download your favorite music or music video (MV) into your smartphone through the applications such as JOOX and iTunes, or if you want watching the drama after back home from office, you can choose QianXun or YouTube to watch your favorite drama, in this case, you no need to catch up drama at specific time and specific days, you can watch the drama in anytime. People nowadays maybe have no time to go to cinemas to watch the movie, some online companies are providing the services that can let users download their preferred movie, where people can just download the movies and watch it.Without a doubt, every coin have two sides, the Internet has got its disadvantages too. First and foremost, one of the disadvantage of using the Internet is security problems. This is due to the reason that some virus and malware, also called as “ information stealer” can enter your devices to steal the data such as computer password and credit card information without your realize. How it work? Once it’s in your system, malware should communicate back to the hackers who sent it, the hackers usually use the Domain Name System (DNS) to have their malware map a domain to an IP address. This would help them to control their mortal and guarantee continuously access to theft the personal information such as name, address, banking information and so on. Furthermore, the second disadvantage of the Internet is people will get Internet addiction easily. It stems from the fact that the young people nowadays waste huge time in online games. In the long run, it affects their study, health, and social life. Moreover, spamming is also one of the disadvantage of Internet. Everybody know, spam is annoying. If you ever had to go through your email account, wedding out the relevant email from the junk messages free description to dating websites, selling miracle hair shampoos and overnight penis enlargementAs a conclusion, whatever Internet have advantages and disadvantages or not, people must wisely using the Internet.2.2 DID THE PEOPLE ACCEPT INTERNETIn this era of globalization and modern technology, the Internet has overturned our macrocosm upside down. It has downright revolutionized communications, to stage that it is now our preferable medium of everyday connection. For example, buying the clothes, ordering the foods or beverages, sharing a moment with friends, or even though looking the news what happened in current time. Before the Internet invented, if people want to catch up with the broadcast, they should go to the grocery store when it opened in the early morning and buy a latest edition which reporting what had happened the previous day. But nowadays, people can be able to use the fingers to type what news source they use in order to keep up the news from time to time. Therefore, Internet give more advantage to the people in their daily life. Ya, that’s right the people will accept the Internet.THE RISE OF INTERNET3.1 WORLDWIDE WEB The World Wide Web (WWW) is a network of online content that is formatted in HTML and accessed via HTTP. The term refers to all the interlinked HTML pages that can be accessed over the Internet. The World Wide Web was originally designed in 1991 by Tim Berners-Lee while he was a contractor at CERN. The World Wide Web is most often referred to simply as “the Web.”” The World Wide Web is what most people think of as the Internet. It is all the Web pages