How To Grow Purple Potatoes In ContainersLet us talk about purple potatoes

How To Grow Purple Potatoes In ContainersLet us talk about purple potatoes. What are they? They are natural varieties with deep purple skins and flesh, high in antioxidants which makes them extra healthful to eat. Sound yummy doesn’t it? Trust me it is. Purple potatoes differ in size and are kind of round in shape. Their average size is 10-15 centimetres in diameter, that depends on the variety as well though. Purple Potatoes are easily identified by their vibrant, glowing surface. They usually have a smooth to rusted texture, which is somewhat uniform to indented prof. When cooked, Purple potatoes are dense with a pronounced earthy, sweet, and nutty flavour. Purple potatoes are available throughout the year, usually in peak throughout fall. They are an excellent source of potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, and much more! Purple potatoes have been valued in South America for a long time. In their culture, it is known as the “food of gods”” for centuries. These potatoes have recently gained popularity in Western culture as well due to its uniqueness and health benefits. In 2017

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