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Health Psychology Assignment 2 April 2019 Semester This is a 900 -word assignment paper and is worth 20% of the final grade. Deadline : Week 14, 17 July 2019, 5pm Assignment Description : During your Clinical Attachment (CA) in June, you are tasked to identify a stressful experience that occurred to either : – You, as a nursing student – Your patient – The staff nurse or clinical instructor – The patient’s family or caregiver Take note of: a) What actually happened? b) The causes of stress c) How did the subject experiencing the stressor manage their stress and the situation? (e.g. the coping strategy, solution or intervention) d) Suggestions for coping strategies This is a written assignment organised into 4 parts : PART A: Description of the stressor  Identify the stressor and who it is occuring to (either you, your patient, staff nurse, patient’s family/caregiver)  Describe the stressful event or situation. PART B: Appraising the Stressor  Using the Stress Appraisal Model from Lecture 7, explain how the stressor was appraised by the subject. – Primary appraisal : Was the stressor a threat to the subject (i.e. considering its significance; whether positive/negative encounter; whether harmful or challenging ) – Secondary appraisal: Evaluating available resources (considering knowledge of the situation, beliefs about responsibility, availability of resources & self -efficacy)  Elaborate on the impact of the stressor on the subject’s emotions, thought s and/or behaivour .  Explain the consequences of prolonged exposure to this stressor for the individual, family and/or organisation .You are require d to use a minimum of 5 resources (websites, books, information from lecture, journal articles etc… ) to support your discussion . Format: Arial font, size 12 (refer to ‘Formatting and Plagiarism Instructions’ in MeL) Word Count : 9 00 words (+/ -10%), excluding the cover page and references . Please indicate total word count at the end of the assignment. Submission : Submission of this assignment is via soft -copy only through SafeAssign in MeL, by the deadline ( 17 July 2019, 5pm). The soft copy document should be named as follows: “HP2019_Tutorialgroup_StudentName” For e.g. “HP2019_T01_HowXueSheng” Late Penalty: A deduction of 10% (10 marks) for each day late. After 7 days, zero marks will be awarded. The lect urer is under no obligation to allow an extension to students whose work is lost or stolen. Anyone found guilty of plagiarism or copying, or in collusion will get a zero mark for that assignment. Refer to ‘Formatting and plagiarism instructions’ in MeL for a further explanation on plagiarism. It is your responsibility to keep a copy (soft copy) of your assignment for yourself. PART C: Coping Strategies  Suggest two specific coping strategies that you think might reduce the stress level experienced by the subject.  Identify each coping strategy as being either problem -focused or emotion -focused.  Explain why y ou think these strategies would be useful and their limitations . PART D: Conclusion  Reflect on this topic of stress appraisal and management based on what you have learnt. – How have your thoughts have changed with regards to understanding stress ? – How do you think this might affect the way you deal with stressors in the future ? – What would yo u do differently?Health Psychology Assignment 2 (April 2019 Semester) Name of student: ______________________________ Student ID: ____ _______________________ Tutorial group no.: _____________________________ Student contact no.: ___________________ Name of tutor: _______________________________ Superior Well – developed Fair Under – developed Poor PART A: Identification and description of the stressor  Identify the stressor and the subject who encountered it (2 marks)  Describe the stressful situation (8 marks) 9 – 10 7 – 8 5 – 6 3 – 4 ≤ 2 PART B: Appraising the Stressor  Using the stress appraisal model, explain how the subject may have appraised the stressor . – In primary appraisal, assess if the stressor is a threat (considering its significance, whether positive or negative, whether harmful or challenging) (2 marks) – In secondary appraisal, assess the stressor based on f actors such as knowledge, locus of control, resources and self -efficacy (8 marks) 18 – 20 14 – 17 10 – 13 5 – 9 ≤ 4  Describe the effect of stress on the individual’s emotions, behavior s and thoughts on the subject(s) (6 marks)  Elaborate on the consequences of prolonged exposure to the stressor and its impact on the individual, family or organization . (4 marks) PART C: Coping  Suggest 2 coping strategies the subject could use to manage the stress and stressor experienced. – For each, state the type of coping strategy: problem focused or emotion -focused (2 marks) – Give details on the implementation of the coping strategies (8 marks) – Describe how the coping strategies would reduce stress experienced by the subject (6 marks) – Limitations of the suggested coping strategies (4 marks) 18 – 20 14 – 17 10 – 13 5 – 9 ≤ 4PART D: Conclusion  Demonstrate clear reflection of the topic discussed: – Elab orate on how the concepts and theories mentioned have provided personal insight (10 marks) – Provide examples from past experiences with stress ors. Explain what you might have done differently or any realisations that occurred to you (5 marks) – Explain how future experiences might be inf luenced (5 marks) 18 – 20 14 – 17 10 – 13 5 – 9 ≤ 4 Use of resources  Minimum of 5 resources (e.g. websites, books, information from lecture  Resources are relevant and support the discussion 18 – 20 14 – 17 10 – 13 5 – 9 ≤ 4 Overall writing, format and referencing  Clear writing style  Proper sentence structure, correct grammar and spelling  Typewritten using prescribed font size/type face, double -line spacing  Appropriate referencing and citations  Within word limit 9 – 10 7 – 8 5 – 6 3 – 4 ≤ 2 Total / 100 Late Penalty: A deduction of 10% (8 marks) for each day late. After 7 days, students will be awarded 0 marks.