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QuestionnaireJob title : AudiologistDate : 1/2/2020Superior title : Head of AudiologistWhat is your latest educational level? ( in Audiology)SPM or equivalent ( )Diploma ( )Bachelor’s Degree( )Master’s Degree( )Professional Degree ( )Doctorate( )How many years have you been in audiology industry?1-3 years( )4-6 years( )7-9 years( )10 years and above ( )Do you possess any audiology licences? If yes, please state.479271177362Do you think it’s important for audiologist to be familiar with the specialized instrument and equipment? Why?4792727620How would you describe what you would be doing as an audiology?478790138693Do you think it is necessary to follow up with your patients to check on whether their hearing aids are working? Yes ( ) No ( ) Maybe ( )In your opinion, what are the personalities an audiologist needs to possess? 478790150801Have you ever had difficulty working and communicating with patients or colleagues? Yes ( ) No ( ) Maybe ( )What is it about this particular job that interests you?478790144999What can you contribute to this job?479272157655Explain what’s a typical work week like? 479272170268What learning experiences, or events, would you like to attend that might improve your own education?Conferences ( ) Trainings ( )Meetings ( ) Others ( )List three words that describe your characters.43512862427How would you rate yourself for the level of your work performance as an audiologist on a scale of 1-10. (1 for the worst and 10 for greatest performance)498191169632Job Description (JD)Job title : AudiologistDepartment : AudiologistReporting to : Head of AudiologistDate : 1/2/2020 Carry out hearing evaluations, tests, or examinations to patients from children to senior citizens to collect information about type and degree of impairment with specialized instruments and electronic equipment.Go through the results of the examination and diagnose problemsDetermine and carry out courses of treatmentCarry out relief steps for various forms of vertigoFit and dispense suitable hearing aids Advise patients and their families on ways to listen and communicate, such as by lip reading or through American Sign LanguageCheck on patients regularly on their hearing and balance and to determine to continue or change the treatment plan.Keep all client records no matter which stages of the progress of patients, including initial evaluation and discharge.Collect information and carry out research on the causes and solutions of hearing and balance disorders.Counsel and instruct clients in techniques to improve hearing or speech impairment, including sign language or lip-reading.Examine and clean patients’ ear canals.Plan and conduct treatment programs for clients’ hearing or speech problems, consulting with physicians, nurses, psychologists, and other health care personnel as necessary.Recommend assistive devices according to clients’ needs or nature of impairments.Refer clients to additional medical or educational services if needed.Give recommendations to educators or other medical staff on hearing topics.Develop and supervise hearing screening programs.Fit and tune cochlear implants, providing rehabilitation for adjustment to listening with implant amplification systems.Teach clients, parents, teachers, or employers in ways to avoid behaviour patterns that lead to miscommunication.Take part in conferences or training to update or share knowledge of new hearing disorder treatment methods or technologies.Measure noise levels in workplaces and coordinate hearing protection programs in industry, schools, and communities.Work with multi-disciplinary teams to assess and help in recovering recipients of implanted hearing devices.Job Specification (JS)Master’s or doctorate-level education in audiologyAt least 3-5 years of experienceExemplary written and spoken communication skills to communicate test results, diagnoses, and proposed treatments, so patients clearly understand the situation and options. Compassionate and supportive of patients and their familiesOutstanding ability to provide patients with care and treatmentGenuine interest in providing community with hearing careCurrent certified Audiology LicenseExcellent bedside mannerEmpathy and patience to help calm patientsAbility to interact with patients, despite hearing or speech issuesExcellent problem-solving and critical thinking skillsDetail oriented with exceptional record keeping skillsSubmitted by :Approved by :Suitable recruitment methodsOne of the suitable recruitment methods for audiologists is recruiting via Internet. Job seekers are used to doing everything on their smartphones in the younger generation, they expect no less from the company they’re applying to. Audiology clinics can recruit suitable audiologists using internet-based recruiting, it may be publishing vacancy through their own websites or through social medias like Facebook and Twitter which allow employers to ‘meet’ potential candidates in lots of ways: through shared connections, through shared discussion topics, and because it’s easy for job seekers to contact employers. Social media is a great tool to reach potential candidates who aren’t actively seeking for job but are open to change if right opportunity came. Social media also allows employers to screen candidates. While accessing a candidate’s application, employers can only review their skills, personalities and previous experiences. With social media checks, employers are able to check alignment with own company culture and values. The clinics may also post job ads on online job boards or seek employee referrals through Applicant Tracking System (ATS). This method will attract more responses in lesser time and cost-efficient to the clinics. The clinics may also use advertising to print ads on newspaper and magazines to attract suitable candidates. In this way, employers are able to target candidates of specific locations. This may attract more experienced local candidates. A newspaper and magazines advertisement allow candidates to read anytime anywhere at their leisure for interested candidates. By making job advertisements in the correct medium and construction, the clinics are able to let people know they are hiring and set the tone for candidates’ applications. They may state the required skills and experiences clearly to be considered for an interview and cancel the ones who don’t meet these requirements. This makes sure that the ones who do apply have what it takes to go to the next round of the recruitment process. Employers also have freedom in publishing an advertisement in the newspaper and magazines. The ads are offered in different size and placement options which can include all the information needed. Employers may also buy full or half page to attract attention of large number of qualified candidates . INCLUDEPICTURE “/var/folders/cq/shvv1hj12v38vvjcgvjvmg400000gn/T/” * MERGEFORMATINET This is an ineffective job advertisement. Firstly, the job title is unclear. It did not attract jobseekers’ attention and did not make an amazing first impression. It posted too much positions at one time. It has too much wording for so many different positions that leads to confusing. The advertisement did not consist of any search-friendly content. The company did not consider any queries relevant jobseekers will use and no inclusion of keywords relating to the job type, the rank of the role and the company in clear sentences. This results in low searchability of the job advertisement. The advertisement is too plain. It did not create any interest in potential candidates. Petronas should consider putting more colours, graphics and using bullet points and short sentence to convey the content and alert and create desire in candidates to the advertisement. Furthermore, the job advertisement did not engage candidates and lead them to contact the company as they did not identify information to include. The advertisement is lack of the overview of position, experience and qualifications needed. They also did not provide ways to contact the employer. The advertisement did not consist of an eye-catching layout with visuals that attract relevant candidates. INCLUDEPICTURE “/var/folders/cq/shvv1hj12v38vvjcgvjvmg400000gn/T/” * MERGEFORMATINET This is an effective advertisement. This poster make an amazing first impression to jobseekers. It successfully attracts the attention of jobseekers to look into it and understand more about the vacancy. The advertisement also consists of a clear job title and search-friendly content. The content can be easily found in search engine by candidates. The company considered all the queries and wording relevant jobseekers will use. The advertisement also increase the searchability through the inclusion of keywords relating to the job type and the organisation in clear sentences within the advertisement. The advertisement is also brief, clear and straight-to-the-point. They used bullet points to convey the content implies to the candidate that they are getting straight to the point. The advertisement also consists of different type of colour coding, graphics and interesting typography in order to alert a potential candidate to the advertisement. Next, the advertisement also contains all the information necessary to include, all the information candidates need to know. For example, the requirements and benefits of the job and how to contact employer are written in the advertisement. The highlighted benefits created interest and desire in potential candidates. The QR code provided prompt action with a statement like “scan now and you will get a serial no for interview session”. The advertisement is made with eye-catching layout with visuals. Appendix