Human trafficking is the trade of a human for the purpose of

Human trafficking is the trade of a human for the purpose of forced labor, exploitation slavery, and sexual slavery. It is a very old and well-known issue that continues to be a worldwide crisis, one that has been ignored by the human population. This problem is only getting more serious within the current age due to the technological growth that globalization brings and is making it easier for humans to be tracked down, observed and be captured. This horrific event has traffickers taking human rights away from individuals and no one seems to be doing much to stop it from growing even more. No matter how much effort nations put into stopping the trade of humans into this dark side of the market there seems to always be more and more ways for human traffickers to avoid capture. They face none of the consequences of stealing life and freedom from other living breathing humans. Siddarth Kara’s article, “Supply and Demand: Human Trafficking In The Global Economy

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