I am a Nurse and for years I’ve been working in public

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I am a Nurse and for years I’ve been working in public hospitals where I’ve been directly involved in clinical teaching of trainees at ward level, and indirectly acting as Mentor. Usually new entrants who are adults enrolled with the School of Nursing have their placements in public health services during their 3 years of internship. It was the only institution then, approved to dispense course in general and midwifery nursing. Until recently the top-up diploma was introduced at same institution. I had the opportunity to enroll in an MSc Health Services Management at the University of Technology Mauritius after completing my top-up diploma in nursing.Somewhere with the advancement in new technologies and evidence base practices I’ve a perception that the way of teaching doesn’t seems to be in conformity with the theory. Students mostly learned on the job-training. Enrolling for the PG Certificate in Higher Education with the Middlesex University was like a dream comes true. Universities are internationalizing their courses which bring new cultures and diversity to the learning program. Middlesex University brings British education at the door steps of students. The determination for further education was there and the first module itself was the trigger mechanism to really understand the factual theories of learning. The class consisted of a diversity of students from different countries and different cultures. We get to know each other by a simple exercise lead by the coordinator, which would definitely be useful for implementation in my area of practice. We get to know about our peer by “A get up and grab a post it”” which consists of gathering some information about our peer. Some students are lecturers at universities or secondary institutions and few are from nursing profession. The challenge started here with this great variety of backgrounds. The first modules needed an intense overview and understanding of learning theories. I could differentiate the ideology and going with the flow step by step. With the LED 4001 I realized that that the ways of teaching and learning have evolved and the classical way where the teacher gives information and the learners capture is no longer applicable. The learning process involves both the teacher and the learners and the importance of learning theories is crucial for both. Nursing practice is an area where theory is converted into skills and nurses should show that they use efficient methods and an understandable justification in their educational efforts