I am currently working on becoming a nurse I have worked for

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I am currently working on becoming a nurse. I have worked for many years in the medical field. The most beneficial objectives for me, and my career, will be everything listed under ‘Computing Fundamentals’, and under ‘Living Online’: Digital Principles/Ethics/Skills/Citizenship. Working in the medical field, I have seen technological advancements in a very short time. Paper records are being put to a minimum; and medication management has made its way to the digital world, as well. I have seen this in multiple settings, including long terms care, short term care, behavioral health, and clinical settings. In order to be successful in the medical field, you have to understand how to utilize digital devices. You also have to be fully capable of, and accountable for protecting the information that you have access to. This requires knowing how to make sure that information stays inside closed systems and does not make its way into the outside world. You also need to know how to recognize what is real, when searching the internet, and what is not. Giving someone misinformation regarding a medication, or situation, because you read it when searching for it online, can have grave consequences. When choosing a field in nursing you have strong ethics, both professionally, and personally. You have to understand that your client, patient, or resident, are trusting you with private and vulnerable information, along with letting themselves become vulnerable to their medical team. You can find information that will teach you skills that fall under ‘Computing Fundamentals’ throughout our textbook, ‘Technology in Action: Introductory’, Edition 14E, by Alan Evans, Kendall Martin, and Mary Anne Poatsy. Chapter one gives examples of how technology is changing, and becoming more prevalent in the work force. Chapter three gives information on how to effectively and ethically utilize the web. Chapter eight dives into ethics, and the impact of digital information. HIPPA prohibits sharing of data retrieved within the medical setting. It is important to keep all information with the care team of the individual.