I have always been very compassionate of serving community and mankind I

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I have always been very compassionate of serving community and mankind. I was fascinated by nursing care and decided to peruse my career in this field. The Bachelors program orient me towards the broader horizon of health care, create a spark of practical and professional skills of education and communication, from learning till applying different theoretical and evidence based models, from practice till the clinical executions, from studying community till encountering and meeting community stake holders by executing community projects. By the time I graduated, my personality was groomed to next level. Confidence, communication skills, enthusiastic, sensitivity with empathy, humility, team building, leadership skills and a dedicated nature was groomed from my undergraduate program that became the part of my professionalism and reflected through my nursing practices. With a vast neonatal background caring for newborns became my passion. From that critical area experience I not only polished my critical thinking of prompt decision making on the basis of strong theoretical and practical background but also improve communication and mentoring skills. Leading team is a great experience which I have gained for four years at multiple clinical areas with different behaviors. Moreover, I had a good experience of mentoring colleagues and coworkers as assistant head nurse (AHN) it’s was a great exposure of management. I polished management skills as AHN very enthusiastically for one year.Looking on above mention pointers, I want to pursue my Masters in nursing, As I believe Ziauddin offers highly designed curriculum, that will not only meet my expectation but also enrich me with integrated -research based approach that will help me to study and understand neonatal issues and interventions. According to Winston Churchill “We make living by what we get, but we make life by what we give.” Thus, with up gradation in higher education I will not only benefit myself, but will also empower my community. In the end I believe, that to born in a developing country and exposed to miscellaneous health and community based issues is not in our hands, but getting education and serving with support of evidence base research to community is in individual hands.Thus, I am looking forward to start my masters in science in nursing program at your institute. Joining you as a student will be exciting as well as enriching experience for my career.Thesis topicEffects of procedural pain at growth and development of babies in NICU