I spent one of my best summers in Peru I usually

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I spent one of my best summers in Peru. I usually spend the summers there with my mother’s sister. Oh boy, I felt like I was home again. This place was comfortable to me like a blanket on a cold day. While in Peru, my goal was to relax and develop a better outlook on life. It was a time of reflection on my life and to be grateful for all the positive things that were in my world. At the end of this summer, I returned home to the most shocking news. I was moving into a different town and school. This news hit me like a brick to the face. So many changes and new things were happening. I didn’t ask for this change, but I knew my mother felt this would be better for my future. Of course, I had to do as I was told. This was not what I truly wanted. I embraced this new change with uncertainty. As I walked into the building I felt really nervous in my stomach because it was something new to me in my life. When I got inside it felt like another world. It was completely different than what I was used to. The school walls and classrooms felt much smaller than what I could remember. In a diverse world, I was currently submerged in a non diverse population. As I looked around, I looked and felt completely different than the people I was surrounded by. Did I really belong here? Was this the right fit for me? All these questions swirled in my brain and ultimately I felt as if I didn’t belong. This didn’t feel like the right fit for me.j So my day keeps going into the new school. I started to walk to first period it was so different from where I came from and it’s not the same. I got to first period I was not feeling good at all. I needed to go to nurse. But I did not know where it was. So my teacher walk me down to nurse with me, for i can’t get lost in the school. So when I got to nurse i told them check my fever cause i don’t feel good and I feel really cold. Then they checked my fever and my fever was 103 and that’s not good. The nurse was so shocked that i high fever and it could be really bad for me. They called my mom and said i am gonna miss two days of school. you’re gonna have to take him to the doctor for he could go back to school. I was happy that I was missing this new school.So the days went on I came next week to school and it was like my first day of school. I was feeling better with my fever. All these people in the school look so different and I felt like I was not home or somewhere else. So I’m looking for my first period class. Kept myself getting lost in this school. It was crazy because it was so small building compared to my old school. So my day was going good but sometimes i miss where i came from. But like this school is helping me out with my grades and work it would help me in the long run for my future in college. So this could be a good part of me moving to this school. For i could do better in life and everything I do