I will start with what i feel are the most effective

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I will start with what i feel are the most effective communication systems .1/1 communication , for me this can work really well as i myself and some of my colleagues dont feel confident enoght to speak within a group setting , this may make them feel that they are not being listened to or that their ideas are just not good enough or that they are not part of that team . I also find that communicating face to face is also an effective way of communicating with others as sometimes if you are reading from a peice of paper or from an email then the message can be read wrong and then taken out of context . There is staff supervisions and appraisals so that staff may speak with their supervisor or mananagers freely and also in confidence about any problems or worries that they may have or this can highlight any areas were an individual excels at or may need some further training , it may just be that that staff member may just need a little extra help in one particular area ,this can also be useful as that staff member may need some training with one area or they have a keen interest in an area so they are asking for the training to aid in furthering thier career .the supervision/appraisal system is also useful for getting things 0ff your chest that have been playing on your mind .I find that the supervision / appraisal system will also be useful for letting all staff members just what is expected from you / them wihin thier job role . There also staff meetings were most of the staff get together in the same room at the same time , this is another form of effective communication as both the day shift and the night shift are all together at the same time , so if there are any issues amongst the two shifts then these can either be resolved or a compromise can be found to help to resolve the issues . We also hold team meetings , this is a small group meeting with all the team members of the Brownhill floor this is just to see how each resident is getting on and have there been any changes with anybody or do we have any problems with the running of the shift on the floor or to see if any changes need to be made to how the shifts are to be run any better . As well as the sstaff or team meetings we also have a family forum , This is a meeting that is held every 3 months by the home manager , This gives residents and their visitors a chance to voice thier opinions and concerns (if any ), It also give the residents and families a chance to point out what they are happy with and what is working well for them , It will also give some members a chance to build new relationships so they dont feel like they are alone. The family forums have proved to be both popular and effective methods of communication . Faxes and emails are also effective means of communication as an email can be sent at any time of the day and also read at a time that is convienient for yourself , you can also send out the same piece of information to more than one person all at the same time ..But then at the same time emails or faxes that have been sent out to more than one person can be read in many different ways and taken out of context and then read and taken in the wrong way , sometimes information is better when it is passed on face to face as you can offer any explanations if they are needed and probably explain things more cclearly . By using emails and faxes i can request a visit from any healthcare professional for any one of my residents such as a GP , or District nurse and also the pharmacy that dispense the homes monthly medications , as well request any information , i can also reply bact to any questions tat the healthcare professional may have about anyone of my residents . By using this method of commuication it allows me to read and then reply information at a time that is convienient for me . Written communication is effective when i need to communicate with all of my work colleagues , there is a diary for us all to write things in , ie if we need to book in any meetings that are due to take place , we can also book in any hospital appointments that any of my residents may have , any staff member who is on duty that day has acess to the diary and is expected to check it each day to see if there are any jobs that need to be completed , it is also useful if your colleagues have been off for a few days and need to catch up with what has been going on at Haydock nursing home , Theros and cons to using a diary are all of your team what is going on and the know about any meetings that they need to attend or jobs that need to be completed but this is only an effective way to communicate with all of your teaam and colleagues if it is filled in properly on a daily basis and everyone knows were the diary is kept . As well as using a diary we at Haydock nursing home to communicate we have got several notice boards thst have been put up around the home , these are normally situated in each of the nurses stations , the treatment room , and in all of the offices on both of the floors , we also have notice boards up in our staff room . We normally use these to advertise any upcoming events or to let us know about any upcoming training sessions thst we need to attend , once we have read these notices we normally have to sign to confirm that we have seen and read the notice . Another form of written communication that is effective is the use of person centered careplans for each one of our residents that live at Haydock nursing home , These plans are written when a new resident moves ino the home . we will collect all the information that we can and that is needed o care for that resident , These plans are then reviewed and updated each month or if there is a change in the residents condition and if anyone of there care needs have changed . These palns are also helpful tools for being able to share any information that is needed about that one individual amonst all of the relevant healthcare professionals who is involved in caring for that individual .Another effective form of communication that we at Haydock nursing home use is the handover sheets , these sheets contain a brief summary of how each resident has been throughout the shift , this sheet should be completed at the end of each shift and then used to pass on any important information to the next shift . Another form of effective communication that i need to use is the telephone ,ie should there be an emergency then i would be able to contact the energency services right away istead of waiting for someome to either write it down or read the eamialvor fax that i had previously sent out , this is not always an effective method of communication to use as if you are busy doing jobs the you can easily forget to poaas on any information and some of it could be very important information , But then should this be a general call and the other person is not available then i will normally have the option of wether or not i should leave the a message so that they can get back to me at a time that is convienient to them