If observations have been made and shows development is not reaching the

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If observations have been made and shows development is not reaching the expected goal, it’s vital to implement early intervention to promote and maximise their development. There are many types of interventions can come from professionals, adaptations technology and equipment. Intervention can often come from social workers they offer information, counselling and support, also organise and manage care plans on best way to work with the child/young person and support package. This can move on to help from other sources, speech and language who can work 1:1 to accelerate learning and communication development and can offer training to care givers. Educational psychologist will identify behaviour and learning difficulties and create an individual plan on best ways to learn and teach that person. There is a youth justice services which is a team that often work with children/young people who have been in trouble with the law they will look at ways to work with them to prevent this from happening again, they are also available to contact if a care giver is concerned of a child’s/young person’s behaviour and other ways to work and support the care givers. Physiotherapist can help people who have physical development delays enhancing mobility, relieve muscle spasms and help prevent pain through exercise and stretches. Paediatrician, GPs, or a nurse will help with medical conditions general check-ups to monitor growth and development and give knowledge and support to all. Learning support often work closely with them in school helping with education, academic delays, behaviour or concentration issues they may offer extra lessons and home teaching. Psychiatrist is a very well trained person in mental health who can diagnose, who can help inform and give information to all this would concern, children, young people, family and support teams, and will monitor that persons mental state. Health visitors promote mental health, physical and social wellbeing insuring the correct support is given to maintain growth.