In class we were assigned to produce a one to one work

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In class we were assigned to produce a one to one work skills which involved us to be paired up to performed roles of two-person, one of a which is of health professionals and patient, in this task I have ended up in a group with three-person., so we have decided a scenario of a mental health nurse, mental health trainee nurse and patient where we had was to research these particular areas and then we write up an role play, we did an audio recorded where I have to described and analyse (Cottrell, S. 2013). the three roles played for me to obtain knowledge of how to observed the issue of a patient communication with healthcare professional, in reverse to health care professions to a patient and to reflect on what it like for each from a different point of view.In our chosen scenario we had decided upon four minutes roleplay between a patient who is 40 years old was living with her mother experiencing mental distress from the sudden loss of her mother three months ago from cancer and is finding it difficult to cope with her everyday life (, 2016) she was referred to a mental health nurse by her general practitioner mental health nurse who is responsible to assess, diagnose, identify outcomes, plan, implement and evaluate care of patients with mental health disorders in clinical environment who is accompany by mental health trainee nurse.In applying the Rolfe model (2001) of observing and listening to the patient as mental health I analysed that the patient is having difficulty coming to term of the sudden death of her mom from what information she said “I have lost my mom to cancer three months ago. I’m struggling to cope with my emotions to point to where I don’t exist anymore” as a patient I have been facing emotional and mental stress which caused me to be reluctant in engaging in the conversation with health profession and at the same I am still in disbelief of the sudden death and is anger towards my family for not being there when I needed them the most. (Kourkouta and Papathanasiou, 2014). As a trainee nurse developing interaction to communicate with the patient which have given me the opportunity to asked “So Mary, how would you score your mood from 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest” the which have given the patient reason to reacted in an emotional way. At the same time, as trainee nurse be empathetic as I have had similar experience, on the hand, the way the words used come across and think of how vulnerable she is, listening to the patient as mental health nurse I have come to my understanding that the patient is grieving the loss which is putting her in the position of the risk of mental and physical health problem so we told the patient of what I will be implemented medication, bereavement therapy group and counselling with a psychiatrist in place for her to get support and help in the recovery of her of state of mind. (Frost et al 2017)The trust of a health profession is important to building up nurse and patient relationship which can have an effect on a patient lives in the way I implement to promote, restore the health to reduced suffering of the patient grieving by developing a to analysed psychological, emotional wellbeing, self-respect which enable the health profession to act the best interest of the patient. (Rutherford, M. 2014)In reflecting on the scenario in my observation of looking back on the roles I have realise some weakness as on the part of the health profession where I did not asked the patient if she mind if the trainee nurse assist me on the interview from what she had answer I think she was not comfortable with the situation, I have not inform and explain treatment plan to the patient and how she would have benefit from it the patient I have also realise I did not given her to refused or accept the treatment plan that was put in place for her one of the strength of this role is the patient have come in for help before her mental health have gotten to more drastic state.In conclusion, the role play of a demonstrating the understanding of the observation of how health care profession interact from nurse and patient point of view from analysing her responsible how the nurse have to assess the information from the patient to diagnose, identify outcomes to implement and evaluate care plan for patients with mental health disorders from grieving the loss of a loved one in clinical environment with the help mental health trainee nurse who have work together to find way to input the best treatment for the recovery of the patient .