In medical ward where the author worked is usually busy everydayOn morning

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In medical ward where the author worked is usually busy everyday.On morning shift while the author on duty,there is an admission ,a fourthy years old male patient whom I refer as Mr Ali.Mr Ali was diagnosed with severe peripheral vascular disease and uncontrolled diabetes.He was admitted due to right leg below knee amputation.The author was assigned as his nurse incharge.The author always like to take care of Mr Ali as a patient and as a person,it is a formation of a humanistic –altrustic system.Because the author have take caree of him during his previous admission with a various problem such as diabetic ketone acidosis.We have build a special therapeutic relationship due to the development of helping relationship.Seem as we have developed a bonding for a several times i take care of him which is for development of helping-trusting relationship,human caring relationship.Mr Ali hope that the author will take care of him along his warded in hospital.Mr Ali know the author as a person and not just a nurse.Mr Ali always share with the author about he personal aspect of life.While admission,Mr Ali produced a weak smile and a weak look.The author fgreet him and ask how he was doing.From his weak smile and flat affect,the author could sense that he was in depressed situation.The author will not go for futher discussion about his operation case if he do not want to discussed about it,here the author apply the promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings.The author was prepared him to get rest while after settled his admission procedure.So,the author did the best to make environment as pleasant as possible by make the patient unit room was clean and disposal bag at his bedside. The bed was properly set up and in a good condition which the author apply the provision for a supportive,protective and/or corrective mental,physical,societal and spiritual environment.While in conversation with Mr Ali,the author used to ask his main concern about his care plan and admission,the promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings is used.Mr Ali explained that he was so worried about his family especially his child.Futher history,Mr Ali wife work as a cleaner in a company and his got 3 child which still in school.The author knew that his family is a priority to him.As a team,we must on his priorities.The author realize that this may help him to participate in his healing process actively.The author also ask him if he need anything,and his said that he need something for his incontinence,Mr Ali claimed he still weak to use bedside commode without assistance.The author make him to choose either want to use a urinal or a condom catheter,Mr Ali said he wan to used condom catheter..Mr Ali claim that he feel helpless because he lost one of his leg and he has to depend on his family members to help him,he cannot longer to take care of his child and family.He feel that he was a failure and no one will respect him because he only have one leg.Mr A li also ask the author will he going through another surgery that he will face.The author ask Mr Ali to clarify what he just did said.He lost dignity and he feel like a failure.Mr ali make the author realize on how important preseve one’s dignity.As a Watson carative factor said,the provision for a supportive,protective and/or corrective mental,physical,societal and spiritual environment .Mr Ali also made the author realize that what and how others thought of he will affected his emotionally.He continue to talk and expressed about his sadness over his surgery.The author asked Mr Ali if losing his leg made that greater difference and how did it make he feel different,this condition refer a carative factor of a allowance for existential,phenomenological-spiritual forces ,the promotion and acceptance of the expression of positive and negative feelings and assistance with gratification of human needs.He felt that his not bother about his life except his family.The author think that Mr A need a space to stay alone,so a s a nurse,i need to respect his privacy.The author tolsd MR A that will be backafter half an hour an quietly close the door.Sensing that Mr a need time for himself for self reflection of his life experience such as a spiritual reflection.He did expressed her deep Islamic and religious foundation from past sharing.(#2).The author feel that had failed him and wodered if could have done more.Being caring will sometime make thing vulnerable.The author want Mr A to have a peace of wholenes of his mind,body and soul.(#9).The author need to do something to provide her some hope by using the creativity because the author know that hope and peace have an essential element in one’s life,in this case in Mr A life. (#6).Motivated with a positive deeds and the author own ability to motivate the spirit,advocate caring,foster hope and value dignity also respect mankind.Caring and passion make the author wanted to establish a transpersonal caring relationship with a person,family and the society. Interaction with Mr A story,symbolized a concept of human caring,boding,building and forming the transpersonal relationship,which is existing in the immediate environment with a complete adaptation.Mr A did mention that he may go for another surgeries in future,a several caring factor must be applied to enhance the romotion of optimal holistic care experience.When implementing the caring factors,nurses need to focus on the person also achieving a positive and pleasant relationship with the environment.Environment influences one’s unique coping and focus on the whole person of adaptive skills. Nursing promote health and prevention of illness by assisting in restoring a person health.