In order for an organization to have a healthy thriving culture one

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In order for an organization to have a healthy, thriving culture, one of the key components is trust. Trust is a basic foundation for high performance in any established system. Trust is simply defined as a “firm relief in reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something”-Oxford Dictionaries. In reality trust is made of three components: competency, compassion and communication. Therefore, in any relationship either at organizational management level or personal relationship these components of trust mush exist to have a healthy and productive relationship. The first ingredient of trust which is competency, is the fact that both parties involve in a relationship either business or personal must build a confidence or trust in each other, with parties believing that each party is competent to execute any given assignment for the smooth running of such relationship. Mistrust on the other hand will lead to unproductive event. Trust, then, can be defined as confidence, the absence of suspicion, confirmed by track record and our ability to correct. The team that competently manages its members’ desire to contribute is already building trust. This involves an improved understanding of ourselves. We must be honest and recognize our weaknesses in order to tip the balance away from fear due to mistrust. If a mistrust event exists between us and one boss, for instance, we may unconsciously conclude that all bosses of that “type”” are untrustworthy