In order for us to get a clearer picture of the individual

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In order for us to get a clearer picture of the individual that was to be assessed we must listen to them , recognise their individual needs and act on them these could include such as their social needs, cultural needs as they may not have been born and raised in another country, emotional needs, intellectual well being such general wellbeing, physical ,mental and social. conducting a life history assessment to get a clearer picture of the person, especially their likeBefore any resident moves into our unit they will be assessed which is called a pre-admission assessment and our unit also is assessed to make sure that we can meet the needs and preferences of the resident, we would carry out independent assessment by qualified professionals to make sure that we have the correct facilities and resources to support. Making sure that staff are fully trained in order to support the resident such assessment as mobility a moving and handling would be carried out and any equipment such as hoists, bathing aids, rollators would be sourced from the relevant provider. At our unit we have a resident that has limited speech, so equipment was put in place to enable him to summon help by the way of nurse call system is placed within easy reach so as not to cause discomfort or distress for him this piece of equipment also activates the tv and radio. Other assessments take place such as risk assessment this address any risk to protect the individual, staff, visitors and any others who enter the unit so as we maintain a safe environment, with this individual due to his behavioural ways an assessment was carried out and if was agreed with him and his family members that two members of staff would support him for health and safety reasons, this would be monitored and any concerns would be reported immediately. By monitoring each resident daily we are meeting their needs any issues would need to be reassessed accordingly such as incontinence issues this may be that the resident has a water infection which is short term doesn’t necessarily mean that they have become incontinent never presume as we are not medically trained in that particular field always contact the relevant qualified professional. s and dislikes abilities, limitations and interests