In placement during my first year of nursing I was working on

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In placement during my first year of nursing, I was working on a rehabilitation ward in a public hospital. I was working under the supervision of my preceptor for safety of patient (NZNO), caring for a seventy-four year old Mrs R, who had undergone surgery because she fractured her right humerus, whilst trying to fix her curtains she fell off her stairs. I was being asseced on administering medication as chartered under supervision of my Preceptor.Before giving medication, I went to introduce myself and my scope as a student nurse to Mrs R, I asked her if it was okay to help with medication under supervision my preceptor. Mrs R consented to have me admission her medications. I had observed this clinical skill many times and had previously administered medication under supervision of my Preceptor, The drug had been dispensed (Paracetamol, 1000mg) by me under the supervision of my preceptor, before taking medication to patient I checked the label, expiry date and when it was last given then I was ready to be administered (Ministry of Health, 2011). Mrs R was charted Paracetamol every 4 hourly for relieving pain. Before giving medication I was aware of being under the supervision of a qualified nurse and this made me feel very self-conscious and I had to ensure that I was doing everything correctly. Before giving Mrs R medication I remembered to ask her if she wanted to take it for pain management as part of her treatment and patient rights (NCNZ, 2012), then ask for her full name, date of birth and her NHS number to be sure she was the right patient, I also explained why she was taking the medicine (NZNO). After administering medication, my preceptor gave me good feedback and I started feeling confident and comfortable to give admission medication with my preceptor because I then knew I was doing everything right, this made me feel confident that I would pass the administering medication test .The experience was extremely important for me, as it helped me get a good insight of being a registered nurse and caring for different types of injuries and patients. I regret that I did not ask more questions and ask for more tips and feedback before and after the medication assessment from my preceptor and patient. However, I am pleased that my preceptor responded positively to my training and that I passed.Drug administrating is one of the most important skills for all health professionals and patients because it has high risks, for example if a health professional does not ask for patients details before giving medication they could easily give it to another patient which can be harmful or if medications dosage is not checked it can adverse effects on a patient(NZNO, 2016). To ensure safety as a student nurse I must be under supervision of my preceptor and once my preceptor checks she must also check with another RN (NZNO).Looking back on this experience I can see that I should have communicated more with my preceptor regarding dosages and routes. After my placement I recognise that I need to develop the confidence to communicate as this benefits my knowledge and the well-being of clients. In future, I will aim to develop communication skills when working with my preceptor, in order to ensure that the well-being of patients is maintained. In my next placement, I will make this a goal for my learning, and will discuss this with other health professionals and my preceptor to work out strategies for how I can achieve my goal.