In the novel Brain on Fire written by Susannah Cahalan she tells

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In the novel Brain on Fire written by Susannah Cahalan, she tells her story about her struggles with the issue with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis and the process by which she was diagnosed with a rare form of encephalitis. After many weeks of her behaviour getting progressively worse, hearing voices and having seizures Susannah moves deeper into insanity and becomes violent. After a number of tantrums, misdiagnoses, and a long hospital stay, a doctor’s last-minute intervention enables him to give her a diagnosis and a chance to rebuild her life. The themes that I found important Brain on Fire is finding your identity and dismissive treatment by doctors.Straight away I noticed the theme of dismissive treatment by doctors. There is the constant judgement and dismissal of her condition by all her doctors as they dont believe she is sick at all. When Savannahs telling doctors about her symptoms they are constantly being downplayed or even dismissed. For example, Susannah’s boyfriend Stephen is told by a nurse that her seizure was probably because Susannah was “just trying to get your attention””. This quote shows me just how quick the nurse was quick to wrongly diagnose Susannah and says that she could of just experienced a “”blue devil fit””