In this Essay I would like to draw the importance of effective

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In this Essay, I would like to draw the importance of effective communicational strategy between a healthcare professional and a Patient name Kirra Hawkins; through analysing and synthesising various communication factors. This essay would elaborate how a health professional would persuade the stages of the communications process through building therapeutic relationships with client (Kirra Hawkins) while maintaining legal, ethical parameters and professional boundaries of the health care environment.Building rapport is the initial and crucial part of providing care to the client. This is the stage where the health professionals and patients and their relatives build therapeutic relation and trust between each other. O’Toole. (2016) mentioned rapport is the positive connection between health professionals and patients which could be achieved by the trust. Moreover, Sadati, Iman, Lankarani & Ebrahimzadeh (2016 ) agrees from their analysis and observations on few patients and stated patients saying when a health professional speaks with Kindness, I feel I can trust them. Therefore, the strategies to welcome Kirra could be the use of an appropriate combination of verbal and non-verbal (body language, for example, facial expression) communication procedure where she would feel welcoming. Sharpley, Jeffery & Mcmah ( 2006) demonstrates that one of the main positive influencers in counselling is a facial impression. They also insist almost eighty per cent of positive outcomes of consultations are due to therapeutic relations which built upon good rapport where the counsellor has shown warmth, empathy and respects towards clients. Since I have some prefill information about Kirra therefore which would assist me to prepare myself and may convey my acceptance by showing interest and concern on her situation. Additionally, I should use age-appropriate language and engage in open/closed question about her health work and study life. Thus a good introductory session would turn into rapport between Kirra and health care worker.Communication Strategies:The overall aim of communication procedure to achieve better Healthotcome through person-centred care approach.which attainable by applying required strategies to reach a therapeutic relation and constructing rapport. According to Funnel, koutokidis & Lawrence, (2009), Therapeutic relationship is built upon the attitude beliefs and values, sensitivity & personal awareness of individual about is a comprehensive communication process where health professional are more aware of their acts and reflections of results (pp450-45554). By building a mutual understanding with Kirra by showing her Respect, Dignity and Trust would develop therapeutic relation. Since Therapeutic relation would facilitate collaboration with Kirra also it will empower both of us to overcome challenges in participation and functioning which affecting health & Wellbeing. Moreover, a family centred Approach will overreach the aim of Health professional through effective listening, Questioning, clarifying and feedback process. by encouraging Kirra to express her views feelings and ideas while remaining non-Judgemental would facilitate positive communication environmentSocio-cultural barriersThe factors may effect in communications between professionals and clients could be Stereotypical Judgement and Identifying The different aspects of clients such as physical, emotional spiritual needs and acting towards to satisfy those requirements and engaging into discussion accordingly. (O’ toole 2016).For example, as a health care professional, we need to respect clients beliefs in a supernatural power which they think it may heal their acute health problem. now depending on the situation, a health professional would pursue the best route of communication to convince patients to take a medicinal approach to patients for health benefit without harming their believes and spirituality.(Ref o toole Awareness of Different environment that can effect communication page 137-151)In this case stud, the barriers could be having a clear view of Kirra’s social and cultural norms and beliefs her feelings towards others. The social environment of an individual consists of all social relationship they experience with people and animals ( o toole 2016 p 147).where social aspect will look how Kirra will experience the counselling session and her reactions to a new person. Social aspects usually consider the environment outside of family like friends, Neighbours and interacting groups and how she engaged with them. furthermore, cultural aspects considers Cultural environments determine how individuals view themselves, how they view others and how others view them (Watson with O’Toole 2016 page 145.cultural factors take control of personal space, time colour which may vary a cultural group to a young smart girl like Kirra, it would be challenging to identify her norms, values and socio-cultural factors which would help me adjust myself to actively engage in to discussion. However, as a healthcare professional our duty is to accommodate ourself into cultural variations. For instance, if I approach a very friendly way and get over engage in the discussion she may think why the consultant trying to involve much and may lead her too overwhelmed and vice versa. Therefore the selecting the right route to show my interest to assist in her dilemma and making her aware of our intended positive outcome is a critical part of the discussion. The best possible way to overcome those barriers would be taking consideration of a Holistic Approach. According to Brill & Levine mentioned in O’Toole 2016 “Holistic communication requires a willingness to communicate about contexts, experiences, thoughts, emotions, needs and desires because in so doing the health professional will relate to all aspects of the whole Person/s “ page 155. We Holistic approach talks about clients Respect, empathy dignity and Comfort and thus following this approach the barriers can be overcome. moreover, self-awareness and self-reflective strategy would always assist to overcome such barriers in communication. According to (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia, 2017)The code of ethics requires counsellors and psychotherapists and health professionals to obtain informed consent for therapy from Clients. To elaborate, informed consent means the clients would be given all the required in formations regarding the counselling session and make sure Kirra would understand all the terms and words understood which could be followed by asking open closed questions or feedback from her. she should be given ample time to absorb all the information before proceeding further actual conversation. Furthermore, the Nurses codes of conducts under NMBA, states that there would not be any information withheld before having consent from clients. Moreover, confidentiality and disclosure are important. Demonstrated by Sori & Hecker. (2015) confidentiality is a foundational element of the counselling session and keeping information private which must be followed by health professionals. Moreover, As a health professional’s duty of care is to obey the principles of ethics which include acting in the best interest and showing respect to the client’s Autonomy decision. Here it appears Kirra is reluctant to disclose information about her father and medications. Therefore, it vital to keep in mind try to avoid that area where Kirra feels she has better personal control. According to Atkins, Britton & Lacey. (2011) Autonomy refers to the capacity to make informed decisions about one’s life in order to determine for oneself whether or not a course of action is in one’s best interests. Moreover, Atkins.K et al (2011) depict the principle of justice gives rise to the obligation to treat patients with respect for their humanity, and togive patients their due (page 94) means Kirra as a unique person has rights to access care equally. as a health professional, we are obliged under the ethical code of conducts to treat everyone equally. Finally, most importantly any actions would be taken during Kirra’s consultation would be considered as Beneficence act.which will bring benefits for Kirra’s health and wellbeing.Conclusion: In my view, Nursing may not be always about just communicating and providing the care they eventually help and teach patients to communicate to find their needs which could be remaining silence as well. As long as they perform to build a good therapeutic environment and shows the eagerness and willingness to listen without judging their opinions. showing them kindness with sympathy and warmth would be the best therapeutic gift and patient centred care environment.