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Individual Assignment James Cavers 351115 Bow Valley College February 18, 2020 Nursing Arts 1301 According to the author Thorne (2019), noted that Morya Allen was born in the year of 1921 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. She devoted her entire life to nursing, and was one of the first Canadian Nurses to obtain her doctoral degree while building her academic career, while teaching nursing at McGill University (p.69). The paradigm of The McGill Model of Nursing has a foundation of “a focus on health rather than the illness and treatment, on all family members rather than the patient alone, on family goals rather than the nurse’s, and on family strengths, rather than deficits” (Thorne, 2019, p.69). Morya Allen nursing theory involves the care and collaboration through all of life’s transitions and developments for the patient and the family members and even the nurse as well. For the individual in care can be accomplished well providing energy in health physical, social and spiritual health. For example, such as proper clothing for the patient , to making sure personal grooming products are stocked up for bathing purposes, providing the proper protection when there is an viral outbreak, also keeping the patient information confidential, when being asked by other individuals that are not related to the patient or the family members. RAI tracking assessments serves as a behavioural documentation such as social interaction among family members, healthcare staff, and other patients that is accessible to the hospital, or the facility. When the nursing staff or the physician and the power of attorney for the patient update the Goals of care Designation, from a resuscitative care, medical care, and to comfort care. Having Recreational therapy being accessible in the facility or the hospital, such board games, providing live band entertainment, and having a handibus to participate in community events for the patient and the family members to engage in is beneficial. Lastly having access to spiritual health such as having a prayer service every Sunday at the facility or the hospital, for multiple beliefs provides a sense of relief, and comfort to the patient and the family members. Also having a spiritual health increasing the increasing the ability to cope with terminal condition. “ Theoretical models of nursing provide a lens through which situations encountered in practice can be interpreted and better understood, and through which one’s own response as a nurse can be analyzed and reflected upon” (Wright & Gros 2012, p.175). This nursing theory resonates with me on a personal level, because it provides inspiration to meet the care and the collaboration with the family members and respond to clients on a holistic view that I been exposed in. Accepting a job offer through Alberta Health Services as a HealthCare Aide, in a long term care setting the nursing staff were responsible for caring for a resident who been diagnosed with advance stages of multiple sclerosis. The resident had close ties to the rural community Taber, Alberta in which I grew up in. It was a burden on the family to experience such a trying time mentally and financially. The co-workers at the hospital addressed the current status of the resident and family members in a holistic approach from a psychological, spiritually and financially point of view. The hospital and the nursing staff and were able to help the family, by seeking out funds for the resident to receive a very specialize chair also a hospital bed for the resident to help relieve the pressure of the condition of the resident. Since the resident could not express himself verbally, it was very difficult to understand what was being said in order to meet the needs. I would ask the resident a series of questions, for example “do you want to watch television?” I would not get a verbal response. So, what the nursing staff and I did was seek out more financial funds in order to get an iPad and more technological tools to help give the resident a voice. Articulating the theory that Morya Allen founded, as a HealthCare Aide is a blessing. In a home care setting based on a farm, the nursing staff and I were responsible for setting goals not only for the resident but for the family whom had been diagnosed with Dementia. As a holistic approach, the nurses helped with the transition from living on the home care setting to a facility that properly meet the current mental conditions as it progressed. In many situations, it is crucial to understand the resident’s history to further proceed with the proper care, and in order to achieve personal health goals. Putting the developments into action while accomplishing the family goals was a blessing because the nursing staff and the family members were on the same page and able to help the residents go through a peaceful transition from home to a facility. Through the transitions and developments it is important to develop proper set goals, from psychological, social, and physical accomplishments. Integrating the McGill Model of Nursing into practice in creative ways is a good approach in developing critical thinking, problem solving, and good communication skills. Being a part of health care setting as a Healthcare Aide can be overwhelming, other times it can be a blessing. It is important not lose sight of the family and the patients in stressful situations. “When patients are diagnosed with a terminal condition and are unable to make decisions for themselves, it is important to have the families insight in developing an effective nursing care plan (Doucette et atl., 2012. p.21). Having gained the understanding of the hopes, dreams, and life accomplishments of the patient, helps me in providing care that helps to obtain recovery, comfort and dignity in death for the patient and the family. The theory of the McGill Model of Nursing can be accomplished through a holistic approach taking into account all factors relating to health. Namely, physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions. Firstly, increasing the physical strength and the mobility for the patient can be done in several ways for example, an affective range of motions and a proper nutritional balance on daily bases this being accomplished can boost self-confidence. Secondly, emphasising on the psychological health of the patient but also for family members would be, creating a positive environment by having board games, movies, and live band entertainment also celebrating holidays for personal beliefs for all backgrounds. Lastly, having accessible spiritual services while the patient is in the hospital can help the family members carry less stress even in trying times . According to NANDA (North American Nursing Diagnosis Association) ‘the characteristics of ineffective health maintenance is the inability to identify, manage, and/or seek out help to maintain health.There are multiple defining characteristics of ineffective health maintenance, the absence of adaptive behaviours to environmental changes. Related factors to the ineffective health maintenance would be impaired decision making, spiritual distress, and insufficient resources such as financial or social knowledge that would be relating to ineffective health maintenance” (NANDA, p.146). For the assessment for ineffective health maintenance having RAI tracking assessments serves as a tool to map behaviour to help the healthcare team, diagnose what the clients health status is, and if there is multiple problems. When the nursing staffs conducts clinical observations, ideas help form what needs to be set in place in order to regain health. A diagnosis helps to address the issues at hand, such as a nutritionist to help the patient, and the family members gain knowledge about what nutrition is needed. In order to have an effective planning routine it is important to have the right support in order to regain health maintenance either in physical, social, financial and spiritual health to avoid irregularities. Staying up to date in documentation and provide the right support for the patient are some of the few factors to help build a plan to regain health. Having the nursing staff conduct evaluations, done on the patient builds confidence in return having trust in relation to the nurse to and the family members. As nurses, it is important to have compassion, holism, and value health in all dimensions relating to the patient and the family members. As nursing continues to evolve in advancements in care, compassion and holism, it is a never ending process… References:Doucette, E., Cyr, J., Graham, R, Killackey, T., Leblanc, L., Martinson, K., Martinson & Verleun, J. (2012). BiVADS: a bridge to the future for patients and their families: the art and science of nursing combined in the face of technology. Dynamics, 23(3), 20–23.Potter, A., Perry, A., Stockert, P., Hall, (2019) A., Nursing Assessment, Diagnosis, and Planning Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing 6th edition. (1-1502) Elsevier Canada, a division of Reed Elsevier Canada, Ltd.Thorne, S., (2019) Theoretical foundations of nursing practice. In B.J Astle, & W. Duggleby (Eds) Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing (6th ed. pp. 63-86) Elsevier. Wright, D. K., & Gros, C. P. (2012). Theory inspired practice for end-of-life cancer care: an exploration of the McGill Model of Nursing. Canadian Oncology Nursing Journal = Revue Canadienne de Nursing Oncologique, 22(3), 175–189.×223175181