Informed consentAs a health care professional it is our duty of care

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Informed consent:As a health care professional, it is our duty of care to have a clear and informed discussion with clients before they make decision about any procedure would take place. In this case Taylah is making a decision about contraceptive process and RN Pam must explain the process and let taylah absorb all infromations to make understanding of the benefits and any side effects may cause due to her decision. According to McIIwrath, J & Madden B (2014) a healthcare professional should provide sufficient information to make an informed decision regarding the proposed procedure to patients. Also there should not be any information withheld.To validate the consent it must be freely and voluntarily given and should be well informed and clients must be at her capacity and competent to agree. Forrester, Kim & Griffiths, Debra (2015).having a proper informed consent is the most critical part of this case studies as counselling a minor (14 year old Tayllah) would require more attention to details from RN Pam.I believe Pam would explain further about the riskand benefits associated having the treatment . Here from the discussion it may appear Taylah showing her maturity level and capacity to understand the systemeatic process as Pam explaining.i believe pam would be working with best interest on behalf of tayla even her age is most concerning. Pam may refer to Gilllick competency or fraser guidelines test .where in Gillick Vs West Norfolk and Wisbech health authority case the verdict says providing contraceptive to under 16 years old girl was valid as the practitioner was working on the best interest of patients and respecting her Autonomy. Moreover,According to Code of Conduct & Open Disclosure Framework, Pam would have talk about Disclosure policy in the event of any damage or reverse impact may take place during this process .Open disclosure is the open discussion of adverse events that result in harm to a patient while receiving health care with the patient, their family and carers.During Open disclosure discussion Pam may talk about whether taylah would be entitled to have financial benefit as she is willing to act as Guardian.It is also noticeable during their conversation,Nurse Pam was questioning if Taylah would like to discuss this matter with her mother to avoid further complicacy down the track. By doing so Pam respecting Tayla’s decision to act herself and confirming her competencies as well.Since as a patient taylah has the right to make own decision also she is showing reasonable maturity to act and absorb informations are given but Registered Nurse Pam would require further precautionary steps. For instance , Pam may advice her to take count of third parties help like VCAT(Victorian civil and administrative Tribunal) and OPA (Office of Public Advocate) and explain their functions and how they may be helpful to her when she require assistance and can not decide what would be the best outcome for her.Failing to provide adequate informations and making proper understanding of those required by taylah would be breach of duty of care.Moreover, under Tort law Registered Nurse Pam may be held liable for Battery and Assault & Negligence in duty for not providing enough information before signing consent form. McIIwrath, J & Madden B (2014) pp 58-59Therefore, Ensuring all the elements of informed consents are met to obtain sign on consent form could result fewer malpractice in conselling and greater patients satisfactions and positive image on professionals.ConfidentialtyOne of the most critical moment for counsellor to keep information confidential for not allowing parents even their kids are going through very complicated situation.Registered Nurse Pam must be aware of the obligations of confidentiality in this case as she would act in the best interest of Taylah.from interview it is visible and clear, taylah does not wants her family members to know about her healh condition and contrcept procedure.she also explaines she is stressed out about her diabetic health and her mother’s concern about her eating habit. She doubts it may get worse if her family members are aware of her pregnancy.Therefore, Nurse Pam has very important role to establish the trust between her and Taylah to keep the entire information secret. accordign to Williams D J, Mauro D & Jenifer M 2013 A major barrier to seeking professional counseling services was concerns regarding confidentiality.In General,most of the parents has legal rights to know what occurs during Theirs kids counselling. However, depending o the cases it may restrict parents to inform about kids therapy sessions with counsellor. (Roberts & Dyer) mentioned in Sori F C & Hecker L L 2015 in some cases minors are legally able to access therapies related to stress and they can hold the power to authorise releasing informations to third parties and some cases parents are not allowed to know the outcome of counselling session. if outcome ought to be harmful for minors or their physical or mental health status may get deteriorated. Also it is set out rule by ANMC Code of professional conduct for Nurses; ‘’Nurses must respect the confidentiality and privacy of people by seeking informed consent before disclosing information, including formally document,ing such consent when possible” therefore pam would keep all information confidential unless there is legal justifiable issues arises under public interest or emergency life threatening issues emerge. Therefore, Pam may disclose infromations to third party only when taylah agrees with it or if there is an emergency issue arises such as self harm or harming others.Moreover,Nurse Pam should explain to Taylah when she requires to share Tayla’s informations to other health professionals to obtain health benefit for Taylah and Pam would require consent from Taylah aswell. Fivecoat,Cos & Possemato (2017) agrees together with; it is health professional’s duty of care to make understand the client’s about types of informations would be shared with other helath professionals when they required to provide care in the best interest of patient.