Internet of thingsIOT is the device that can access to the internet

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Internet of things(IOT) is the device that can access to the internet connection such as cell phone , washing machine and earphone. Nowadays, internet of things is on a high demand as it can develop many internet application. Basically, internet of things are the the physical things that are connect to the internet by exchanging data or through the network device. Internet of things has make humans life become more easier as it can help them control things from other places. Internet of things is first used in 1982, where it has been put inside a coke machine and it can monitor the temperature of the drinks and it inventory.( Jacob Morgan, 2014)(Aasush,2017)DISCUSSION(i)The example of the of IOT at home is the smart thermostat where it can smartly adjust the room temperature. This will help the monthly electrical cost reduce as it can detect the temperature of the room. The example of the smart thermostat is Nest thermostat. it is a small device that they put inside the room. It has been program to detect the room temperature and it will send the data to the main thermostat in the room. It can also detect human as it will save the energy. The data can possibly be hacked and it will make the robber to rob the house because they know if the owner is in the house or not. (Dan Seifert,2018)Not only that, IOT is also use in the vehicle. For example, IOT inside the car will send data to the manufacture about the car car condition and the car engine and they will see the data of the car. If the car needs service , they will send the date appointment to the car owner. It the vehicle break down the manufacture also can know the position of the vehicle is. This will expose the owner position and make the owner the easy target for a robber. (Stephanie Galiana, 2017)Next, the example of IOT in school is the IOT student lanyards. This will help the teacher to take the attendance of the student as teacher will no longer has to the the student name in the attendance list. If the student miss the class the administration can detect where are the student. The data can also be hacked and the children will become a easy target for the kidnapper.(Joe Peter ,2016)Beside, the IOT technology also used in the hospital. For example, IOT is put inside a patient bed where it can monitor the patient vital data. The example of the IOT in patient bed is EarlySense’ A.L. where it can monitor patient heart rate and respiratory rate sensor and if there are any change it will alert the nurse. After the patient discharge for the hospital possibly the patient can be approached by the unlicensed drug dealer because their information from the hospital can be hacked. (The Medical Futurist,2019) Lastly, IOT in workplace also use this technology to gather information about it workers from the worker’s cell phone .The company can find out at what time the worker arrive and back form workplace. But , the privacy of the workers are expose as the company know where they are and the history of where they had been to.(Ron Exler)(ii) There are many ways companies should inform consumers about the data being collected. Firstly, when consumer buying things online, the companies should inform at the website that their personal information is safe. The company also should listed on how consumer enter their personal detail like their phone number and their credit card number. For example, the company can make a guarantee that their credit card number is secure.(wikiHow Staff,2019)Not only that, the companies also should inform their consumer about the data being collected is by asking their clients to signing and accepting the terms and agreement letter. By signing the terms and agreement it is sure that consumer is aware and accepting the policy of his or her personal info is being collected by the companies. This can make sure (iii) The responsibility that government agencies play in overseeing companies’ secure product is the government should set up a policy where companies should send data to the government agency about their product so that the agency can evaluate the safety of the product. Companies can send the test result of the product test to the agency and the agency will analyze the data to determine whether it safe to use. For example , the company can send the data of the test crash of a car to the Department of Motor Vehicle(DMV).Not only that, the government should also oversee the commercial data collection technique by make sure that the website for consumer to do a survey is safe. Sometimes , the company will ask the consumer to do the survey online. So government should make sure that the website is secure by making sure that the website has the Hypertext Transfer Protocol(https) as this will ensure the protection and privacy exchange between client and server( consumer and company). For example, the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia can analyze the new web product to make sure it is safe to use by consumer.mCONCLUSIONTo conclude my my case study, we should know that technology has a big impact on our daily life today as it is already part of our daily life. Although, it is true that technology has bring a lot of benefits to us , it also has a bad site if it is not used correctly by us. As we all know privacy is matter for everyone and if the IOT is not use correctly it can also expose the privacy of someone life .REFERENCE1.Jacob Morgan ,2014 ,A Simple Explanation on IOT’,www-forbes-com.cdn2.Aayush,2017,Internet of Things(IOT):Introduction,Application and Future, www.gkmit.co3.Dan Seifert,2018,The Biggest Upgrade to the Nest Thermostat is The Years of Disapointment , ,www-theeverge-com.cdn. 4Stephanie Galiana,2017,IOT Shaking Up the Automotive Industry:5 Real World Examples https://blogs.perficient.com5Joe Peter,2016, Potential of the IOT Education,www.geektime.com6The Medical Futurist,2019,A Digitally Caring Environment: The Internet of Things in Hospital, medicalfuturist.com7.Ron Exler , IOT and the Intelligent Workplace ,https://isg-one.com8.wikihow staff , 2019, How to Collect Data From Customer https;//